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Our Silicon wafer diameters range from a few millimeters to wafer diameter and 25.4mm (1 inch) to 300 mm (12 inches). Our silicon wafer fabs can produce diameters up to 300mm and can dice these silicon wafers into any dimension you require. Si wafer resistivity ranges from low doped to highly doped, intrinsic, float zone and undoped silicon substrates. Our silicon substrates can be deposited with thermal oxide, both wet and dry, nitride, metals, any thin film you require. Silicon wafer total thickness variation can vary from very tight 1um TTV to standard 5-25um. Our silicon wafer inventory contains ultra flat and thin wafers that are just 2 micron thin. We also have silicon wafer that are 10mm or more thick.

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  Dia Type Res Thick Pol Qty Price/ea
CZ 2" P<111> 1-10 430+/-15 SSP 100 $9.90
P<111> 1-10n 280+/-15 SSP 25 $9.90
4" P<100> 10-20t 300+/-10 DSP 13 $20.64
P<100> 5-10 300+/-10 DSP 75 $20.64
N<100> 5-10 300+/-10 DSP 50 $20.64
6" N<100> NO Flats 1-100 1000+/-30um SSP 25 $37.84
FZ 1" Intrinsic<111> >2000 280+/-15 SSP 68 $13.76
2" Intrinsic<100> >8500 280 SSP 100 $17.20
Intrinsic<111> >10000 300 SSP 200 $17.20
3" N<111> 3000-5000 380+/-15 DSP 25 $37.84
N<111> >5000 700+/-20 SSP 150 $34.40
4" P<111> >20,000 400+/-15 SSP 100 $60.20
P<100> 4000-8000 200um DSP 25 $60.20
N111 >2000 525 DSP 75 $51.60
Intrinsic<100> >10000 475 SSP 22 $60.20
5" N<111> 1500-3000 400+/-15 SSP 25 $51.60
6" N<111> >6000 300+/-20 DSP 36 $94.60
Intrinsic<100> >10000 675+/-15 DSP 61 $111.80

Note: All of the wafers above are SEMI Prime

We can also deposit Oxide, nitride or metals on the wafer above.

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