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Sapphire Wafers

We also have a large selection of Sapphire wafers up to 200mm in diameter and as thin as 100 micron. Please let us know if you can use any?

You can also buy the sapphire wafers online here!

Silicon on Sapphire (SOS) Wafers 

Below are just some of the SoS wafers that we can make.

Please provide us with your specs/quantity for an immediate quote. See bottom for more SoS inventory.

Material: 99.996% high purity monocrystalline Al2O3
Orientation: R-Plane (1-102)
Off-cut Non Off-cut: +/- 0.5 degree
Diameter: 100 +/- 0.1mm
Thickness: 460 +/- 20 microns
Primary Flat: 32.5 +/- 2.5 mm; 45 +/- 1 degree. From C on R
Front Surface: Finish EPI ready polished Ra </= 0.3 nm
Bow: </= 20 microns
TTV: </= 15 microns
Warp: </= 20 microns
Flatness (TIR): </= 12 microns
Back Surface: finish as lapped (Ra=0.6 +/- 0.2 um)
Laser Marking: None
Packaging: Atmosphere Argon vacuum packed in class 100 clean room
Additional Notes:
Metallic Contamination: <5E10 atoms/cm^2 by VPD for Ca, Na, K, Cr, Zn, Fe, Cu and Ni
LPD: </=40 @ >/=0.2 microns
Edge Exclusion: 3 mm

EPI Layer:
Thickness of Silicon (100) EPI Layer center point: 600 +/- 60nm
Film Crystallinity & Surface Quality: in accordance with SEMI M4-1296
Resistivity: >/= 100 ohm-cm (Undoped)
Microparticulate density (for particles greater than 2 microns);< 2 per cm^-2

SoS Inventory

Dia Orie Thick Pol Stock Price Status Grade Si thick
100mm R-plane+/-0.5° 460+/-20um SSP 50 $690.00 2-4 wks Prime 0.6um (100) Si
100mm R-plane+/-0.5° 460+/-20um SSP 2 $775.00 In Stock Prime 0.6um (100) Si
100mm R-plane+/-0.5° 460+/-20um DSP 10 $725.00 In Stock Prime 0.6um (100) Si
100mm R-plane+/-0.5° 530+/-20um DSP 4 $776.00 In Stock Prime 100+/010nm (100) Si
100mm R-plane+/-0.5° 530+/-20um DSP 4 $890.00 In Stock Prime 230+/010nm (100) Si
100mm R-plane+/-0.5° 460+/-20um SSP 4 $380.00 In Stock Dummy 1.5+/0.15um (100) Si
100mm R-plane+/-0.5° 600+/-20um SSP   Email      
100mm R-plane+/-0.5° 725+/-20um SSP   Email