Borofloat Glass Wafers

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    Below are just some of the uses for our Borofloat 33 wafers.

    • Appliances (interior oven doors, fittings in microwave appliances, window panels for fireplaces)
    • Environmental engineering, chemical industry (resistant linings and sight glasses for reaction vessels, microfluidic systems)
    • Lighting (protective panels for spotlights and high-power floodlights) Photovoltaics (glass for solar collectors)
    • Precision engineering, optics (optical filters and mirrors etc.)
    • Medical technology, biotechnology (slides, biochips, titration plates, DNA sequencers, microfluidic systems)
    • Semiconductor engineering, electronics, sensors (wafers, display glass) Safety (bulletproof glazing)

Borofloat 33 Wafers

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Borofloat 33 Glass Wafers

Schott Borofloat 33, is the same as Corning's Pyrex 7740 just a different trade name!

Our Borofloat 33 windows are great for anondic bonding. We also have 50 micron thin available.

 You Can buy as few as one wafer online!

Our Schott Borofloat 33 wafers have excellent mirror-like surface, a high degree of flatness and an outstanding optical quality. Excellent light transmission and its very weak fluorescence intensities over the entire light spectrum make BOROFLOAT® 33 ideal for a wide range of applications in optics, optoelectronics, photonics and analytical equipment.

 Borofloat 33 Sensor applications

 Inter-digitated Electrode Arrays
Boroflat 33 substrates used as acceleration, pressure and gyro sensors in automobiles, to switch on light in telecommunications.
 Large Area Flat Panel Photon Counting Imaging Detectors for Astronomy and Night Time Sensing. 

Borofloat 33 Specs
4" Borofloat 33
Diameter 100 +/-0.3mm
Thickness: 500 +-25um
Also have 175 +/-25um
Double Side Polish
Roughness: <1.5nm (Ra)
TTV: <10um
ground c-shape edge with primary flat SEMI surface cleanness: scratch-dig 60-40 according to MIL-PRF-13830 clear apeture: diameter 90nm cleanroom packed class 1000 according Fed 209