Silicon-on-Insulator Inventories Won't LAST! Too much to list! Ask us for specs and pricing SOI 1"-12" available! SIMOX and Bonded SOI always in Stock

4"- 8" Silicon on Insulator wafers in stock or available with in 2 weeks. If you don't see what you need in stock, then it more than likely can be made.

Provide your specs and quantity for a quick quote.

• 4" SOI P(100) 9-23 ohm-cm 500-550 microns polished one side Prime grade with 2800 A Silicon Layer and 3800 A Oxide Layer Thickness with 1 week delivery.

• Standard Simox 400
100mm, Top SI Thickness 190 nm, Top Si Uniformity +5 nm, Box Thickness 375nm, Box Uniformity +-10nm, Pin Holes <0.1/cm, P/Boron (100), 525um thick handle (semi standard) 2 week delivery.