Thermal Oxide (SiO2)

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1" - 12" from 200Angstroms to 15um oxide. Buy as few as 5 wafers

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We have low prices on all diameter

• 2" P/B (100) 1-10 ohm-cm SSP 280um with 1,000Angstroms of Oxide $16.90 each

• 3" N/Ph(100) 1-10 ohm-cm SSP 380um with 1um of oxide $18.50 each

• 4" P/B (100) 1-10 ohm-cm SSP 500um with 1um of oxide $21.90 each

This is just a few of the many thickness of oxide that we always have in stock. Other diameters and oxide thickness available.Just ask for our list.