Semiconductor Substrates and Services

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Semiconductor Substrates and Services

Patrial cassettes of silicon wafers

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We have a large selection of Substrates of Si wafers as well as other substratates in quantities that you want at prices you can afford!


We also have a variety of services that we provide.

 See below for just a few 1" to 8" & 12"Silicon

We have wafers IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP, see below for our wafers. Test, prime, mechanical single and double-side polish specifications in research purposes and production quantities.

  • Virgin Silicon
  • Wafers Reclaimed
  • Silicon Wafers
  • 3 inch silicon wafers3 inch silicon wafer
  • Test Grade Silicon
  • Wafers Prime Grade
  • Double Side Polished Wafers
  • Ultra Thin Wafers (MEMS)
  • Ultra Flat Wafers (MEMS)
  • EPI Wafers
  • Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI)
  • Indium Phosphide Wafers
  • Lithium Niobate Wafers
  • Lithium Tantalate Wafers
  • CZ or FZ Silicon Wafers
  • Glass Wafers
  • Gallium Arsenide Wafers
  • Solar Wafers
  • Silicon Carbide Wafers
  • Patterned Silicon Wafers
  • 4 inch silicon wafers4 inch silicon wafer
  • Germanium Wafers
  • semiconductor wafer
  • gold wafer wafer
  • fabrication wafer processing
  • wafer bumping
  • wafer tracking
  • klonopin wafer
  • wafer card board
  • dss wafer
  • card tweezers
  • wafer tech
  • wafer processing semiconductor
  • wafer coating wafer
  • level package
  • vacuum wafer
  • wafer fab
  • quartz wafer
  • glass wafer
  • wafer dicing wafer
  • thickness wafer
  • bonding wafer
  • alignment
  • 12 inch silicon wafer
  • 300mm wafer bare wafer
  • wafer holder
  • wafer handling
  • wafer flatness
  • test wafer
  • wafer foundry
  • production silicon
  • wafer polished
  • silicon wafer12 silicon wafers