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The human hair is 100um thick.  Our silicon wafers wafers are 50 times smaller.  Think of the possibilities!

We offer freestanding super thin silicon wafers with thicknesses ranging from 5µm to 100µm and with diameters from 5mm to 6.  The thin Silicon wafers are true mirror finish DSP, good surface flatness, haze-free, void-free, and have low surface RMS (typical 1-2nm) and an ultralow TTV typically less than +/-1µm.


Below are just some of out wafers uses.


Lab-On-Chip ELISA


  • More efficient Solar Wafers, up to 51%!
  • Micro Counter
  • Micro-Cantilever Sensing and Actuation Components
  • Photo Dynamic Therapy Laser
  • Light Engine for Portable Information Display, and
  • Dynamic Diagnostics Tools for Light Emitting Devices

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University Wafer along with our partners now specializes optical MEMS and specialty silicon products. These products and services incude


· Deformable mirrors for adaptive optics

· Large format ASIC drivers for deformable mirrors

· MEMS, telecom, instrumentations, and piezoelectrics

· Speciality silicon products such as super thin silicon wafers

· Silicon nitride TEM windows/grids

· PMN-PT/Silicon Unimorphs for optics

· MEMS, measurement, and piezoelectric industries

· Wafer services including bonding, coating, grinding/lapping/polishing, and wafer dicing

We have a large in stock inventory of super-thin Silicon ranging from 5um, 25um, 50um and so on.

Our super-thin silicon production is based on a proprietary combination of the following


· Wafer Bonding

· Lapping

· Polishing

· Debodning Process

Diameter/dimension range from <25.4mm - 150mm, larger is some cases.

The thin wafers are haze and void free. They have low surface roughness of 1-2nm and TTV +/-1um.


We can also supply an attachemnt with rigid wafer ring for our thin silicon wafers. This allows for easy handling.


We can also provide the following services on our thin wafers


· Wafer Dicing

· Silicon wafer lapping and polishing to 5-50um thickness

· Wafer Bonding to mate a cavity wfer with a bare wafer

· PECVD Nitride, LS Nitride, Oxide and LS Oxide on Silicon Including super thin silicon wafers

· Ebeam and thermal evaporation of metal coatings (Ti, Cr, Au, Pt, Pd, Al, Cu, Ag etc) on our wafers including our super-thin wfers

· IC assembly (wafer dicing, die attachment, wire bonding, flip chip bonding)