Germanium (Ge) Wafers

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Below are just some of the Germanium Substrates that we carry.

  • Germanium Wafer in cassette5x5x0.5mm P/Ga (111) SSP <1 ohm-cm
  • 50.8mm N/Sb (100) SSP <1 ohm-cm
  • 50.8mm Undoped (100) DSP >50 ohm-cm
  • 50.8mm P (100) <1 ohm-cm SSP
  • 10x5x0.5mm Undoped (110) SSP >50 ohm-cm
  • 100mm N (100) SSP < 0.4 ohm-cm
  • 150mm and 200mm Available - Please contact us
  • GeOI - aslo available




Some Specs of our Electrical Grade Germanium

Material: VGF Ge Single Crystal Wafer
Grade: Prime, Epi-Ready
Doping: Semi-Conducting, P tyoe, Ga Doped
Diameter: 100.0+0.4
Orientation: (100)+0.5Â Â Angle: N/A
Primary Flat: <110>+2Â Â Length: 32+2
Secondary Flat: None  Length: N/A
Carrier Conc: (0-5~4)E17*
Resistivity: </=0.25
Mobility: N/A
EPD (Average): </=500
Thickness: 550+25
Bow: N/AÂ Warp: N/A
Particle Count: N/A
Surface Finish: Side 1 : Polished Side 2: Etched
LaserMark: None
Other Req: *Deviates from your specifications.
Packaging: ePAK - Wafer fastened by a spider in an 
individual tray and then 
sealed with N2 in a moisture-stopping metallic foil bag.
Packing done in a class 100 clean room.