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We have a large selection of undoped Si Wafers in stock. Let us know if you need a quote on your specs.

  • 25.4mm Undoped (100) >1,000 ohm-cm 500um SSP
  • 76.2mm Undoped (100) >5,000 ohm-cm 500um DSP
  • 100mm Undoped (100) >20,000 ohm-cm 500um SSP
  • 150mm Undoped FZ (100) >10,000 ohm-cm 500um SSP
  • 200mm Undoped FZ (100) >1,000 ohm-cm DSP 850um


Undoped Silicon, also called intrinsic is pure silicon without any significant dopant throughout the wafer. Intrinsic silicon is neither n+ or P+.

We have a large selection of Mechanical Grade, Test Grade and Prime Grade Silicon Wafers in stock from various manufacturers including MEMC(Sun Edison), Topsil, ITME, and many more. Silicon Wafers:

  • 100mm N/PH (100) 1.1-1.35 ohm-cm 525um SSP prime Grade Silicon
  • 150mm N/Ph (111) 5-10 ohm-cm 625um SSP Prime Grade Silicon
  • 200mm NPh (100) 80-120 725um SSP Prime Grade Silicon



We can also thin our undoped silicon wafers and we coand depoist thermal oxide, nitride and thin films.


Other Services that we provide include:

  • Thermal Oxide (Wet and Dry) up to 10um.
  • Nitirde (LPCVD and PECVD)
  • Vacuum Evaporation Pt, Ru, Pd, Au, Ag, Co, Ti, Cu, Al, Ta, and Ni with thickness ranging from 10nm to 2000nm
  • metal Sputtering includes single layer and/or the combination of the following elements: Ta, TaN, Cu, Ti, TiN, Al, Al-Si-Cu, Al-Cu, Al-Si, TiW, W, WN, WSi, and Cr.
  • Oxide Strip & Clean used to remove particles and contamination. We ensure cleanliness of wafers after cleaning by checking particles using near UV lamps.
  • Copper Plating available for 200mm and 300mm wafers with thickness ranging between 0.3 microns and 20 microns. We have 1.5um Cu plated wafers in our inventory.
  • Thick Resist Patterning offers customers thick dry resist film patterning on UBM (Under Bump metal)
  • Photoresist coating ranging from 0.7um to 40um thick photoresist depending upon the photoresist in use. We have some photoresists formulated for broadband, i-Line, and Polyimide in our inventory.