Indium Arsenide (InAs)

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Indium Arsenide (InAs) Inventory


Epi Ready

2" N/S (100) 450um SSP Res 1.8E-4

2" P/Zn (100) 500um SSP Res 0.017


(111) Also available.


Please send us your specs!



Indium Arsenide Wafers  All diameters LEC/VGF


We have a large selecton fo InAs wafers in stock. Please email us for the inventory list or send us the specs and quantity that you would like us to quote!


indium arsenide periodic elements


Danish nanophysicists have developed a new method for manufacturing the cornerstone of nanotechnology research - nanowires. The discovery has great potential for the development of nanoelectronics and highly efficient solar cells.




indium arsenide grown nanowires