What are Mock Wafers and What are They Used For?

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Aluminum Mock Wafers

Durable Mock aluminum wafers are durable. Unlike Silicon, they cannot be broken! Al wafers are medium to dark matte gray/black in color, and are 10 to 15% heavier than silicon wafers. Their diameter is within SEMI guidelines. Al wafers are perfect for prototyping and prototype manufacturing processes. These products also make handling wafers easy and safe.

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6061 t6 aluminum wafer

Custom Anodized Colors Available

colored aluminum wafers

Aluminum Mock Wafers Silicon Replacement

Used as durable, shatterproof replacements for semiconductor silicon wafers for training, robotic calibration,450mm mock aluminum substrate particle shield, identification, equipment demonstration and promotional applications. Mock wafers are precision manufactured from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy. Each Al wafer is chemically etched and heat-treated to improve flatness and surface hardness and durability. It is a medium to dark matte gray/black in color. Each wafer is approximately 10% to 15% heavier than a silicon wafer of similar size and profile. Dimensions of diameter and notch are within SEMI standards. Mock wafers can include silk-screened artwork, engraving, color or other modifications on a custom basis.








Wafer SizeĀ  Type Ordering Park Finish
75mm Flat MW-3-FHC Bare Aluminum
75mm Flat MW-3-FNP Hard Clear Anodized
100mm Flat MW-4-FHC Bare Aluminum
100mm Flat WM-4-FNP Hard Clear Anodized
125mm Flat MW-5-FHC Bare Aluminum
125mm Flat MW-5-FNP Hard Clear Anodized
150mm Flat MW-6-FHC Bare Aluminum
150mm Flat MW-6-FNP Hard Clear Anodized
150mm Notch MW-6-NHC Bare Aluminum
150mm Notch MW-6-NNP Hard Clear Anodized
200mm Flat MW-8-FHP Bare Aluminum
200mm Flat MW-8-FNP Hard Clear Anodized
200mm Notch MW-9-NHC Bare Aluminum
200mm Notch Notch MW-8-NNP Hard Clear Anodized
300mm Notch MW-12-NHC Bare Aluminum
300mm Notch MW-12-NNP Hard Clear Anodized
450mm Notch MW-18-NHC Bare Aluminum
450mm Notch MW-18-NNP Hard Clear Anodized

aluminum wafer drawing