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How UniversityWafer, Inc. Helps Researchers?

We help researchers purchase silicon wafers and other semiconductor substrates and services. We have the highest-quality silicon wafers in stock and ready to ship. We aslo supply other semiconductor substrates and services including thermal oxide, nitride, thin films, dicing and more.

DOE Researcher Testimonial - SO39212

"I really do appreciate working with you all.  I order from a lot of places, and by far, you all are one of the best I order from!  Thank you!"

We answer the toughest questions for small volumes and large and are trusted across the world for our customer service. We strive to provided the lowest price and welcome price comparisons. We work hard to beat any price!

We provide in stock wafers priced to beat out other companies and with fast delivery. You can buy as few as one wafer. Quality guaranteed! Our substrates are in stock.

We also can quote your custom specs of any kind in small quantities and low price.

Student researchers have use our glass, sapphire, silicon, III-V and II-VI wafers to make devices including PN Junctions and Solar Cells and numerous other applications.

NEWS: Crystalline Silicon Wafer for Fabricating Photonic Structures

Researchers at Stanford University have used UniversityWafer, Inc. 100mm Silicon Item #783 to fabricate photonic structures that control solar absorption & thermal emissions potentially saving energy costs solar panels, electric vehicles, business and residential building.

Compare our prices and save! We ship internationally.

We have a large selection of hard to find wafer specs in partial cassettes, so you don't have to purchase 25! Please ask us for the list.

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200mm SIMOX SOI Wafers in Stock

New Sale on Simox SOI Wafers!

Device Layer (nm) Box Layer (nm) Handle Layer (um) TTV (um) Qty in Stock
55 145 725+/-15 <1 184
70 145 725+/-15 <1 253
70 2000 725+/-15 <1 1756
75 250 725+/-15 <1 18
80 1000 725+/-15 <1 374
88 200 725+/-15 <1 23
145 1000 725+/-15 <1 9166
160 400 725+/-15 <1 24
300 300 725+/-15 <1 43
400 150 725+/-15 <1 21
700 2000 725+/-15 <1 22
1250 145 725+/-15 <1 353
1250 400 725+/-15 <1 19
2100 400 725+/-15 <1 16
3500 400 725+/-15 <1 46
3000 300 725+/-15 <1 4414


Quantity Price/ea

1 $300.00
5 $250.00
10 $200.00
25 $175.00
50 $155.00
100 $135.00
500 $125.00
1000 $105.00

Ultra-Thin Silicon Wafers

2 micron thin available

ultra-thin silicon wafers

25.4mm Silicon Wafers

University researchers have been using 1 inch silicon wafers for years, but now there's a low-cost alternative available for the same purposes. This new technology makes it possible to design your own silicon wafers, enabling you to get just what you need at a fraction of the cost. You can select any material from a catalog, then design the surface that best suits your research. With a low-cost solution, you can use 1 inch silicon wafers to conduct research on battery energy storage.


Undoped, Boron, Arsenic, Antimony Doped in Stock

25.4mm undoped silicon wafers

50.8mm Silicon Wafers

(100) (111) (110) & Other Orientations

50.8mm silicon wafer orientations

76.2mm Silicon Wafers

Single and Double Side Polished

76.2mm silicon wafers p-type boron doped

Researchers have used 76.2mm Silicon Wafer Item #1318 to measure nanoscale objects dimensions which is relevant in Material, Life Sciences and Nanomedicine.

100mm Silicon Wafer

Float Zone (Fz), Czochralsk (Cz)

100mm float zone grown silicon wafers

150mm Silicon Wafer

Highly Doped and Low Doping

150mm partial cassetted silicon wafers

200mm Silicon Wafer

Semiconductor Standard Flats or V Notch

200mm p-type boron doped silicon wafers

300mm Silicon Wafer

Hard to find specs and small quantities or larg

300mm silicon wafer specs

Undoped Silicon Wafer

undoped silicon wafers all diameters

Undoped Silicon Wafer have been used to determine the critical cooling rates of metallic glass. Researchers from Yale University have used UniversityWafer, Inc's Si Item #3193

GaN Epitaxy Wafers for UVC LEDs

Gallium Nitride wafers is the substrate needed to fabricate UVC LEDs for use in sterilization equipment. UVC is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Unlike UV-A and UV-B both which hit the earth and can tan or burn your skin, UV-C never makes it past the protection of our atmosphere.

gallium nitride for ultraviolet c band leds

SIMOX Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI)

We have a variety of thin device layer SOI available in small quantities.

Device layers include 220nm, 100mm and 150mm.

Teflon Cassette

We ship our prime grade wafers in the highest quality cassettes.

where can i buy teflon silicon wafer cassettes

Semiconductor Engineer

Our team of engineers Q&A ensures that only the highest quality materials pass our tests.

semiconductor technician in cleanroom holding wafer

How to Buy Silicon Wafers Online or Make Your Own Quote from the Cart!

instruction to buy silicon wafers online

What is a Wafer?

In semiconductor parlance, a wafer is the same as a substrate. A wafer/substrate is a thin slice of either Silicon (Si) or other material including but limited to, Silicon-on-Insulartor (SOI), Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and other compound semiconductor wafers.

The thickness of the wafer can range from just a few microns thick to a puck size in the tens of millimeters or even centimeters.


Please let us know how we can help you!


Researchers Trusted Silicon Wafer Manufacturer & Semiconductor Provider Since 1997

researchers from universities all over the world work with us for all their material needs

research engineer in semiconductor cleanroom
scientist researching silicon wafers

Current Wafer Special

We have the following specs available either online or we can email you the spec sheets.


100mm SOI wafers (2642 pcs currently available) - US$29.50/pc

125mm SOI wafers (196 pcs currently available) - US$30.50/pc

150mm SOI wafers (183 pcs currently available) - US$31.50/pc

300mm SOI wafers (200 pcs currently available) - US$90.00/pc


150mm Epi wafers (11 pcs currently available) - US$32.80/pc under the condition of purchasing these 11 pcs along with at least 100 pcs of other wafers

200mm Epi wafers (9822 pcs currently available) - US$44.70/pc

300mm Epi wafers (24 pcs currently available) - US$88.00/pc under the condition of purchasing these 24 pcs along with at least 100 pcs of other wafers


200mm Polished CZ wafers (9822 pcs currently available) - US$34.50/pc

300mm Polished CZ wafers (4423 pcs currently available) - US$59.00/pc

125mm FZ wafers (176 pcs currently available) - US$29.80/pc

Below are the excel spec sheets. Please email us which spec sheet you would like.

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UniversityWafer, Inc. and our partners fill the need of high-quality silicon wafer, semiconductor wafers, substrate from Al2O3 to ZnO, that are epi-ready. Buy as few as one wafer to large volume. Our store is Open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!

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