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What Are Undoped Silicon Wafers Used For?

We can custom make wafers in small quantities. We can dice them, thin them to 2um. We have undoped, low doped and highly doped Silicon substrates that are always in stock.

Typical Client Question regarding Undoped Silicon Wafers:

After looking at your online store, I think we might go with your cheapest silicon wafers, product ID 444. I am in a group that is working on a Senior Design Project to create a biobattery. We need a substrate to pattern with photolithography and subsequently deposit various precious metals on that will catalyze certain reactions and conduct electricity. If you have any advice on specific types of wafers we will need for such nano electronic devices I would be happy to know. Thanks.

We make nanomaterials in our lab and one approach is using electrical explosion of wires (EEW). We used one of Scott's old Si wafers (doped with B) and broke off a strip of Si that we attached to electrodes in our EEW apparatus. It worked nicely and we are looking to do the same thing with Ge (Germanium Wafer). We need a wafer that is less than 500 microns thick. Fill out the form and receive an immediate quote. See bottom of page for recent Silicon Wafers specials.

Undoped Silicon Wafers In Stock

Below are just some of the undoped silicon wafers that we have for immediate delivery. Buy as few as one wafer!

ID Diam Dopant Orien Res (Ohm-cm) Thick (um) Polish
2313 25.4mm Undoped <111> >2000 280um SSP
2483 25.4mm Undoped <100> >5000 73.5um DSP
2018 50.8mm Undoped <100> >10000 280um DSP
3032 100mm Undoped <100> 1000-3000 500um SSP
3193 100mm Undoped <100> >10000 525um DSP
3328 100mm Undoped <100> >20,000 525um SSP
3225 150mm Undoped <100> >10,000 675um DSP

All undoped silicon wafers are nominally n-type.