Silicon Wafer Preparation

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University Silicon Wafer for Production

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Wafer to Microchip

After the steps stated on this page, the wafer are then fabricated into microchips. This second step is refered to Wafer Fabrication.

Silicon Wafer Preparation

There are several stages to make a silicon wafer. First the silicon is mined from beach sand! There are only a few beaches in the world where you can mine the sand.

Step Processes  
1. Crystal Growth silicon-crystal-growth-cruciblePolysilicon chunks are poured into a crucible. There a Silicon seed crystal is grown into a respective diameter.
2. Single Crystal Ingot Single Crystal Silicon Ingot The seed crystal is grown into a silicon ingot.
3. Crystal Trimming and Diameter Grind Silicon Ingot Grinding The excess silicon left over from the ingot's grow is trimmed and grinded down.
4. Flat Grinding Silicon Ingot Grinding Orienting flats are ground into the wafer. Each diameter has a standard semiconductor flat.
5. Wafer Slicing Silicon ingot sliciingThe ingot is then sliced into thin wafers. The operator chooses the thicknesses. An ingot can be sliced in semiconductor standard thicknesses or custom sliced to meet customer needs including wafer chucks.
6 Edge Rounding Silicon Edge RoundingThe wafer flat sharp edges are rounded to provide strength and prevent chipping.
7. Lapping Silicon Wafer Lapping
8. Wafer Etching Silicon Wafer Etching
9 Polishing Silicon Wafer Polishing
10. Wafer Inspection Silicon Wafer Inspection