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Platinized Silicon Wafers

We can deposit by sputtering or evaporating Platinum group metels including Pt, Pd, Ir, Ru on Silicon wafers.

Below is a common spec that we sell. Other diameters and specs and quantity available.

Please email us your specs and quantity.

2 inch 50~200nm Platinized Si wafers (100)

2 inch 50~200nm Platinized Si wafers (111)

Type - p type
Dopant - B doped
Resistivity - 1-20 ohm cm
Thickness - 0.5 mm
Polish SSP or DSP


4" silicon wafers with a thin layer (~100-150 nm thin) of platinum on top


4” silicon wafers with coating:

TiO2 400A-450A + SiO2 5000A+/-200A+Pt 2000A