What are Some Silicon Wafer Applications?

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What are Silicon Wafers Used For?

Silicon wafers are are ubiquitous in all electronics. Below is a silicon wafer diameters and their standard applications.

Using images below, we will attempt to show you which applications Silicon Wafers are used in. Silicon Wafer Inventory Sale

  Wafer Diameter Applications
  <150mm 150mm 200mm 300mm        
Annealed Silicon Wafer     Yes Yes Memory LCD Driver Analog/Logic IC
Epi Silicon Wafer Yes Yes Yes Yes Power Devices Automobile Memory  
Polished Silicon Wafer Yes Yes Yes Yes Communications Power Devices MPU/MCU  
Diffused Silicon Wafer Yes Yes     Automobile Electricity Aerospace  
Non-polished Silicon Wafer Yes Yes     Discreet Devices
FZ Silicon Wafer Yes Yes Yes   Medical Equipment Wind Turbine High-Speed Rail Automobile
SOI Wafer Yes Yes Yes Yes High Voltage Power MEMS Sensor CMOS RF Devices