Sapphire Wafers (Al2O3) CZ, HEM and KY Growth Method 

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Sapphire Substrates In Stock

Researchers rejoice! We have a large inventory of sapphire substrates in stock. Below is just a few of what's available.

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Sapphire Ingot Grow Methods

We grow are sapphire wafers using several methods

  • Czochralski (CZ)
  • Heat Exchanger Method (HEM)
  • Kyropoulos (KY)
  • Edge defined, Film-fed (EFG)

Below is an example of pricing for the different growth methods.

  • CZ Grown Sapphire Substrates

CZ 2", 430 um, double side polished, C plane +/- 0.5 degree,Qty is

$15.86usd/ea for 25 wafers

  • HEM Grown Sapphire Substrates

    2", 430 um, double side polished, C plane +/- 0.5 degree,Qty is 50.


  • KY Grown Sapphire Substrates

    2", 430 um, double side polished, C plane +/- 0.5 degree,Qty is 50.


  • EFG Grown Sapphire Substrates

2", 430 um, double side polished, C plane +/- 0.5 degree,Qty is 50.


Z-cut Sapphire substrates [Z-cut / C-axis / (0001)]

10x10 mm, thickness 500 micron,
double-side polished
Surface roughness:<5A
Quantity: 20 pieces.

Sapphire grown using the CZ, HEM or KY methods is used for increasing and expand the production, capacity. EFG are usually used for small volume production.

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Dummy Grade Sapphire Wafers

We have a large selection of low-cost sapphire in stock and ready to ship. When you don't need the highest quality sapphire, dummy grade will do just fine!

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50.8mm 430um SSP and DSP C-M 0.2 Deg

50.8mm 100um SSP and DSP C-plane off to M Plane 0.2 Deg

50.8mm - Other specs and orienations available

100mm 650um SSP


Other diameters from but not limited to 10mm x 10mm, 76.2mm, 150mm and 200mm.

sapphire (al203) substrates

Sapphire semiconductor substrates are manufactured at Sapphire Products from high quality optical grade Czochralski sapphire. Our integrated facilities allow regulation of the production of substrates from crystal growth to fabrication, and to accommodate special requests on very short notice.

Sapphire Semiconductor Substrates are available in all Orientations

Orientations include

  • R-axis (10-12)
  • C-axis (0001)
  • A-axis (11-20)
  • M-axis (11-10).

Sapphire substrates are available in various shapes (circular, rectangle, or square), from a few mm up to 200mm in size, and finishes according to customer specification. Primary flats(as per industry standards) are provided on circular substrates for orientation purposes; secondary flats are available on request. Substrate thickness' range from 0.013" (0.25mm) to 0.025" (0.675mm), depending on your particular application requirements.

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Sapphire Products is a leading provider of high quality sapphire substrates to the expanding Gallium Nitride LED based market. Substrate tolerances and surface finish are keys to Gallium Nitride device production and yield. Sapphire Products sets the standards for flatness and surface finish.

Our strong product development team uses industry standard measurement techniques, such as Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), X-ray rocking curves and surface analysis to study surface and crystalline quality of substrates. C-axis [0001] wafers precisely oriented to within ± 0.25° and primary flat tolerances to ± 0.5° are available in 2" diameter. Other sapphire orientations, misoriented substrates, and wafer tolerances are available.

sapphire wafer inventory

The sapphire wafers have a high purity >99.996%. See below for impurity analysis for Al2O3 sapphire windows.

sapphire wafer purity