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What are Float Zone Silicon Wafers Used For?

Float-zone (FZ) silicon wafers also called undoped or intrinsic are used in applications that require purity that is much higher than Czochralski (CZ) grown silicon.

Examples include:

  • Power devices & detectors
  • Highly transparent to terahertz radiationcy, so it's used to fabricate optical components - lenses and windows
  • Satellite solar arrays

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What NTD Float Zone Silicon Wafers Used to Make Diodes?

Researchers use the following silicon specs to fabricate Schottky barrier and heterojunction diodes:

100mm NTD FZ wafer Resistivity: 10 Ohm-mm Orientation: <111>

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What Silicon Wafer is Transparent to the Infrared (IR)

Silicon wafers, especially those very high resistivity, are transparent to IR. I attach article in pdf format, providing many details on the si transparency subject. If you need silicon which is less IR transparent, we recommend using highly doped CZ wafers.

Item   Qty.   Description
GP15. 50/100   Silicon wafers, per SEMI Prime, P/P 4"Ø×380±5µm,
FZ Intrinsic undoped Si:-[100]±0.5°, Ro > 20,000 Ohmcm,
 Both-sides-polished, SEMI Flat (one),
Sealed in Empak or equivalent cassette,
 MCC Lifetime>1000µs.

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Float Zone Silicon Wafers - Buy Online!

When researchers need the higher purity Silicon, they use FZ Silicon substrates instead of  Czochralski grown silicon.

Or simply put, Float Zone Si is most ly used low volume applications that require high-efficiency while CZ Silicon is used for high volume, less expensive applications.

Below are just some of the Float Zone wafers that we have in stock.

Intrinsic Float Zone (FZ) Silicon Wafer

25.4mm Intrinsic (100) >2,000 ohm-cm SSP 280 micron

N-type Phosphorous Float Zone (FZ) Silicon Wafer

50.8mm N-Type Phosphorous Float Zone (FZ) (111) >200 ohm-cm SSP 200um

Undoped Float Zone (FZ) Silicon Wafer

76.2mm Undoped (100) >5,000 ohm-cm SSP 500um

Float Zone (FZ) Silicon Wafers

100mm, 150mm and 200umm Undoped Silicon Wafers in stock. All orientations, resistivities and other specs in stock.

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