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Thermal Oxide Silicon Wafers for Spectroscopic Research of Flourescent Nanoparticles

A research client asks us which wafers they should use for their nanoparticle research.

The following wafers were purchased.

Si Item #452
100mm P(100) 0-100 ohm-cm SSP 500um Test Grade

Si Item #2795
100mm P/B <100> 1-20 ohm-cm 625um SSP Test w/ 300nm Wet Thermal Oxide

We have oxide thicknesses 10nm - over 10 micron thick. Buy as few as one wafer if sold online.


Thermal Oxide Deposition

We have access to the best equipment for both Wet and Dry Thermal Oxide Deposition on Silicon Wafers.

Thermal Oxide Deposition on Silicon Wafers


Below are just a small sample of the specs that you'll find online. We have both wet and dry and can deposit on one or both sides of the wafer. You can buy as few as one wafer!

We can also deposit oxide on the following tough to find spec:

100mm N/Ph (100) 0.001-0.005 ohm-cm 500um SSP or DSP Oxide Thickness is up to you!

Dia Type Dopant Ori Res ohm-cm Thk Pol Oxide Thk
50.8mm P Boron (100) 1-10 280μm SSP 285nm Wet Oxide
100mm P Boron (100) 1-10 500μm SSP 300nm Wet Oxide
100mm N Phos (100) 1-10 500μm SSP 300nm Wet Oxide
100mm P Boron (100) 1-10 500μm SSP 100nm Wet Oxide
100mm P Boron (100) 1-10 500μm SSP 10,000nm (10μm) Wet Oxide
76.2mm P Boron (100) 5-10 380μm SSP

100nm Dry Oxide

100mm P Boron (111) <0.005 500μm SSP 50nm Dry Oxide
150mm P Boron (100) 0-100 650μm SSP 300nm Wet Oxide
200nm P Boron (100) >1 750μm DSP 100nm Wet Oxide
300nm P Boron (100) 1-10 850μm DSP 300nm Wet Oxide