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Silicon substrates are mainly used for power semiconductors in automotive, electronics and HF front-end pa. silicon that can be fused with other materials, such as thermal oxide and or silicon nitride.

Silicon Substrates

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Thermal Oxide on Silicon Substrate

Wet and dry thermally grown oxide available. Wet grows on both sides of the wafer by default. Dry oxide can be grown on just one side and can be less than 200nm. Buy SiO2 coated silicon substrates.

Silicon Nitride (SiN) on Silicon Substrates

We have the following nitride growth methods:

LPCVD Stochiometric

Low Stress Nitride

Super Low Stress Nitride

PECVD Nitride

Metal Depositon on Silicon Substrate

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What is a Silicon Substrate?

In semiconductors a silicon wafer is also referred to a silicon slice and silicon substrate. Think of a substrate like a wall which can be painted on, or wall papered. It's the base for which microelectronics are etched onto the surface.

Each silicon substrate diameter has a semiconductor standard thickness. For example 100mm silicon substrate standare thickness is 550 microns +/-25 microns. Crystalline silicon (c-Si) subsrate is processed into Integrated Circuits (ICs) and solar applications. The silicon substrate is the base used to fabricate micro-electronic devices on the surface.

The steps to make a silicon subsrate chip includes:

  • Doping
  • Ion Implantation
  • Etching
  • Thin-film deposition
  • photolithographic

25.4 (1") Silicon Substrate

All specs in stock

50.8mm (2") Silicon Substrate

We have as thickness as thin as 5-25 micron in stock

76.2mm (3") Silicon Substrate

Single and double side polished available.

100mm (4") Silicon Substrate

Orientation rang from (100) (111) and (110) and other that are hard to find, we have!

125mm (5") Silicon Substrate

Hard to find diameter in stock.

150mm (6") Silicon Substrate

P-type and N-Type available.

200mm (8") Silicon Substrate

Boron doped, phosphorous doped, arsenic doped, antimony doped and undoped available

300mm (12") Silicon Substrate

FOBS substrate carrier available.

Ultra-Thin Silicon Substrate

We have thin silicon substrates that are as thin as 5um. More commonly we have 50-100 micron in stock.