H-K9L Glass Chinese Equivalent BK7 Wafers

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H-K9L Glass Wafers

H-K9L is an excellent less expensive alternative BK7 glass.

H-K9L is a great subsitute for fused silica when extremely hard glass is not required. H-K9L benefits includes:

  • low refractive index
  • low dispersion
  • excellent transmittance through-out the visible and near infrared spectra

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What are H-K9L Wafers?

H-K9L are the Chinese equivalent of BK7 glass wafers. The specs are nearly the same, but the price for H-K9L windows is much more affordable for researchers and industry.

Please send us your specs and quantity for an immediate quote.

Below are just some of the H-K9L specs that we carry.

Diam 25.4mm, 1000 um thick, DSP
Flatness: better than 1 lambda


Dia 100mm, 1,000 um thick, DSP
TTV < 1um
Roughness <1nm
Parallelism <1 arcsec


H-K9L Glass Wafers
150mm 675um



20x20x1.0mm, DSP


H-K9L Materials Property

h-k9l materials properties