Gold Coated Silicon Wafers

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What are Gold Coated Silicon Wafers Used For?

Silicon wafers with gold deposited onto the surface are used in soft lithography for micro and nanoscale patterning.

Applications include:

  • nanotechnology
  • biotechnology
  • AFM applications.

Gold Coated Silicon Wafers

Deposition Technique: Electron Beam
Deposition Rate: 1-2 Å/sec
Vapor Pressure: 10-6 Torr
Adhesion Layer: Cr (99.99%)

Gold Coated Silicon Wafers for Research & Production

We have gold coated Si wafers and we can deposit gold onto most any substrate. A thin layer of titanium (Ti) is used as an adhesion layer so the gold easily bonds to the single crystal silicon wafer.

Please email the specs and quantity that you would like.