Wafers (Substrates) & Services

university wafer substrates

Wafers & Services Provided

UniversityWafer, Inc. is the largest international supplier of silicon wafers to universities, industry and government research departments. 

We provide a multitude of wafer services including oxide, nitride, thin film, metal deposition, dicing, bonding reclamation and more.  We can find the most difficult substrate at the best price and smallest quantity in the quickest time possible.  We specialize in small quantity purchases that often lead to larger procurements. Why buy in volume if you don’t have to?

Through our global partners we have created synergies that provide the researcher with products not often available to them.

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How Do Researchers Work With Us?

Since our beginning over 20 years ago, UniversityWafer, Inc. has help lower the cost of material for researchers everywhere. Once we were the last company to receive a quote, but our low price and fast delivery turned us into an industry leader.

Today we cater to ever corner of the semiconductor industry.   From student researchers to large companies, UniversityWafer, Inc. service is there to cater to the customer’s specific needs in a timely manner.

Try our quoting system.  Researchers use it to either buy directly or use it to lower the price from our competition. We don't mind! We can usually beat any price if we can see the quote.