Glass Wafers BK7, BF33, D263, Corning Eagle, Soda Lime

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Soda Lime Wafers


  • Where too much heat build up is a problem
  • Hot mirrors to reflect Infrared and Transmitting Visible Light
  • Cold mirrors for trasmitting Infrared (IR) and Reflecing Visible Light

D 263 Wafers 


  • Touch Control Panels
  • Liquid crystal Displays
  • Electroluminescent Displays
  • Solar Cells


What applications use Glass Wafers


D263 Glass Protecting Solar Cells

Glass Wafer Solar Cell Cover

Soda Lime Glass Micro Slides


D263 Glass Wafer Microslides


D263 Glass Touch Panel Display


D263 Glass Wafers for Liquid Crysal Displays

D263 Glass Liquid Crystal Display


D263 Glass Wafers for Electroluminescent Display

D263 Glass Electroluminescent Display