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Single Crystal Quartz Wafers

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All single crystal quartz should be grown from one special seed.
And the different cut type will cause the different seed location.
One type is inside the wafer names "with seed", the other type is not inside the wafers, so names "seedless".


1.AT & BT & SC etc such orientations are for many frequency control application which will be used for many electronic and space application, such as mobile phone and satellite etc 2.Z cut is for some optical application, such as some windows and lens etc. meanwhile,  general speaking, the polishing designations are for reducing the electronic resistance or enlarging the optical transmittance.

Seeded and Seedless Quartz Single quartz crystal is grown from one special seed and then is divided into three zones, x/y & z zones.

Seedless means the wafers are in the pure x /y or z zone.

Item Dia Ori Thk Pol Specs
1153 50.8mm Z-Cut 100μm DSP Thin
566 76.2mm ST-Cut 350μm SSP Ang:42°45' Seeded (WITH-SEED)
547 100mm ST-Cut 350μm SSP Seeded Angle42°45'±15', With-Seed. ST cut.
2298 100mm Z-Cut 500um DSP Z-Cut Seedless Wafer


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