ST-Cut Single Crystal Quartz Windows

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Single crystal SiO2 (quartz)
Size: 25.4mm, 50.8mm, 76.2mm, 100mm diameter x 0.5 mm thickness
Orientation: ST-cut
Polish: one side polished
Surface roughness: < 5 A ( by AFM)
Packing: in 1000 class clean room by wafer carrier

ST-Cut Single Crystal Quartz Windows

ST-Cut quartz is great for use in microwave filters for wireless communication industries. We have the quartz in stock and you can buy online.

Here is just some of the Quartz Windows that we have in stock:

50.8mm ST-Cut 350um SSP
50.8mm ST-Cut 500um SSP
50.8mm ST-Cut 350um DSP
50.8mm ST-Cut 500um DSP

76.2mm ST-Cut 350um SSP
76.2mm ST-Cut 500um SSP
76.2mm ST-Cut 350um DSP
76.2mm ST-Cut 500um DSP

100mm ST-Cut 350um SSP
100mm ST-Cut 500um SSP
100mm ST-Cut 350um DSP
100mm ST-Cut 500um DSP