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Below Are Just Some of the 2 Inch Silicon Wafers that We Carry

We have a large selection of standard and hard to find specs in stock. We work with the researcher to provide the best specs for their research. Fast delivery is a must and we carry in inventory the following. If you don't see what you need, just let us know!

Wafer Dopings:

  • Undoped
  • Boron (B)
  • Gallium (Ga)
  • Arsenic (As)
  • Antimony (Sb)
  • Degenerately Doped

Wafer Types

Wafer Orientations

  • (100)
  • (111)
  • (110)
  • (112)
  • (531)
  • (311)
  • (211)

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2 inch silicon wafer with standard resistivity

Large Selection of 2 Inch Silicon Wafers In stock

You can buy as few as one wafer or large volumes. We cater to the researcher who needs a high-quality, but affordable substrate to experiment on.

Where Can You Buy CZ and FZ 2 Inch Silicon Wafers Online?

See below for our 2 Inch silicon wafer inventory.

ID Diam Type Dopant Orien Res (Ohm-cm) Thick (um) Polish Grade
444 50.8mm P B <100> 0-100 320-350 SSP Test
446 50.8mm N P <100> 0-100 300-350um SSP Test
736 50.8mm N P <100> 10-Jan 280um SSP Prime
763 50.8mm P B <100> 10-Jan 280um SSP Prime
769 50.8mm P   <111> Any! 330um SSP MECH
1319 50.8mm P B <100> 0.001-0.005 280um SSP Prime
2270 50.8mm N As <100> 0.001-0.005 280um SSP Prime
2018 50.8mm Undoped Undoped <100> >10000 280um DSP Prime
2321 50.8mm P B <111> 10-Jan 270um SSP Prime
2844 50.8mm   B <100> 0-100   SSP MECH
3126 50.8mm N P <100> 10-Jan 290um SSP Test
3419 50.8mm P B <100> 0.001-0.005 300um SSP Test
3514 50.8mm P B <100> 10-Jan 500um SSP Test