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One of the most tedious processes in supplying researchers with affordable substrates, including silicon wafers, is finding the specifications you want at a reasonable price and in a quantity that you want. In fact, the process is so time consuming that most wafer supply firms won’t even quote a job for a small run, never-mind a single wafer. But we specilize in small orders!

Large orders are always welcome and we've grown as our clients have grown with larger and larger orders every year! But we will never forget our roots!

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Most researchers have experienced being ignored. They send a request, then they wait for the quote our silicon wafer professionalsthat never comes. Follow up emails are sent, but the reply from the vendor may not. Finally the researcher makes the phone call. When the researcher tells the wafer vendor that they just want one wafer they are either hung-up on or provided with a ridiculously high quote and long lead-items.

But there is hope!

UniversityWafer, Inc. was created to cater to the researcher who wants small quantities of silicon wafers and other substrates/services with short lead-times. Our professional staff is trained to handle even the most difficult low volume requests and we pride ourselves on fast responses and turnaround.

We also sell as few as one wafer or in great volume from Al2O3, to Glass, Silicon, SOI, Nitride, Thermal Oxide, ZnO and more substrates and services.

Why buy in volume if you don't have to?!

Chris Baker

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