Undoped / Intrinsic Silicon Wafers

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Undoped Silicon Wafers - Single and Double Side Polished in Stock


Item Dia Dopant Ori Res (Ohm-cm) Thick (um) Polish Grade Lead Time Description
2313 25.4mm Undoped <111> >2000 280um SSP Test 3 WEEKS Intrinsic FZ
2483 25.4mm Undoped <100> >5000 73.5um DSP Prime 3 WEEKS FZ, Float Zone
2018 50.8mm Undoped <100> >10000 280um DSP Prime In Stock FZ, Intrinsic item
2379 50.8mm Undoped <100> >10000 500um SSP Test In Stock Float Zone, Undoped
3133 76.2mm Undoped <100> >5000 Ohm-cm 350um DSP MECH In Stock NON-REFUNDABLE, POOR QUALITY. Sold "As-Is"; wafers are covered in streaks, residue, and particles.
3070 100mm Undoped <100> >20,000 500um SSP Prime In Stock Intrinsic, Secondary flat SEMI, TTV<10 um, Bow/Warp<30 um
3150 100mm Undoped <100> >10,000 525um SSP Bad Quality In Stock HAS PARTICLES!!! NON-REFUNDABLE, POOR QUALITY. Sold "As-Is". FZ (Float Zone)
3193 100mm Undoped <100> >10000 525um DSP Prime In Stock TTV: <5um, Bow/Warp: <30um, Flat: 1.



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