Gallium Nitride (GaN) Epitaxial Grown on Sapphire Wafers

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Gallium Nitride (GaN) Epitaxial Grown on Al2O3 Substrates

GaN is a binary III/V direct bandgap semiconductor commonly used in bright light-emitting diodes since the 1990s. The compound is a very hard material that has a Wurtzite crystal structure. Its wide band gap of 3.4 eV affords it special properties for applications in:

  • optoelectronic
  • high-power devices
  • high-frequency devices

For example, GaN is the substrate which makes violet (405 nm) laser diodes possible, without use of nonlinear optical frequency-doubling. Its sensitivity to ionizing radiation is low (like other group III nitrides), making it a suitable material for solar cell arrays for satellites. Military and space applications could also benefit as devices have shown stability in radiation environments.

Gallium Nitride transistors can operate at much hotter temperatures and work at much higher voltages than gallium arsenide (GaAs) transistors, they make ideal power amplifiers at microwave frequencies.

Recently a reseachers asked about the following GaN spec:


I am interested primarily in this:

2" bulk GaN wafer, Thickness is 350um .N-type(un-doped),A level

Can you give me more details on the technical synthesis of the material, dislocations rate, the value of the residual doping, the surface polarity, the number of macro-defects?


We have:

2" bulk GaN wafer, Thickness is 350um .N-type(un-doped),A level
4" GaN template, Thickness is 4um,N-type(un-doped)
Non-Polar Freestanding GaNSubstrates (A-plane), Thickness is 350um,5mmx10mm

HEMT Structure on Sapphire, 2 inch

2" AlN wafer on Sapphire
2" GaN wafer on Sapphire(Undoped),thickness is 4um
2" GaN wafer on sapphire (Si-doped), thickness is 4um
2" GaN wafer on sapphire (Mg-doped), thickness is 4um
HEMT stucture on Si substrate,2inch
HEMT stucture on SiC substrate, 2inch
2 " Gallium Nitride Blue orGreen LED wafer

The specifications ,please see the attached .

Gallium Nitride on Sapphire (GaN)

Gallim Nitride (GaN) radio frequency power is five times more powerful than last generations material including silicon. New GaN technological gains should result in much lighter, smaller and powerful electronic devices.

Below are just some of the GaN on Sapphire specs that we have. Please email us the specs and quantity that you need quoted.

GaN epitaxial wafers consist of GaN layer on 6H-SiC substrate.   50 mm diam  on axis, n-type, GaN thickness ~0.5 umGallium Nitride on Sapphire Wafer

GaN layer on sapphire, 50mm diameter on-axis, n-type, GaN thickness 0.5-10 um.

GaN/AIN/SiC epitaxial wafer consisting of GaN layer on AIN layer on 6H silicon carbide.

50mm in diameter on-axis, n-type.

GaN thickness  ~(0.5-0.8) um.

AIN thickness ~0.1um.

GaN/AIN/AI2O3 epitaxial wafer consists of GaN layer on AIN layer on sapphire.

50mm in diameter, on-axis, n-type, GaN thickness  ~(0.5-0.8) um, AIN thickness ~0.1 um.

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Item Dia Typ/Dop Ori GaN (μm) Al203 (μm) Al2O3 Plane Pol Other Specs
2859 100mm N/Si <0001) 5.0 650 c DSP  
2521 50.8mm N/Si <0001> 5.0 430 c DSP  
2857 50.8mm P/Mg <0001> 4-5 430 c DSP Useable surface area: > 90%, TTV: = 10um, BOW: = 10um, Warp: = 10um
2856 50.8mm P/Mg <0001> 4-5 430 c SSP  

50.8mm gallium nitride on sapphire (GaN)

Above is a Single Side Polished GaN Wafer with single wafer carrier.

Ask us about strained heteroepitaxial growth and epitaxial overgrowth!