Gallium Arsenide Wafers

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Gallium Arsenide Elements

Gallium Arsenide Wafers Benefits Over Silicon

Two benefits of GaAs wafers over Silicon wafers are:2 inch gallium arsenide wafer

1) GaAs moves electrons faster while consuming less power. Think of your cell phone. Tight spaces and short battery life. GaAs provides a real advantage over silicon for some components.

2) GaAs has direct band-gap properties make all-optical buses direct light on-chips more efficiently than wires do on silicon.

We supply GaAs wafers up to 150mm in diameter. Below are just a small sample.

  Item Dia. Type/Dopant Ori


Thick Polish Stock Description
gaas shopping cart 991 50.8mm Undoped (110) >1 x 10 ̂ 8 400μm SSP 1 EPD<8x10^4
2 inch gallium arsenide Wafer 2448 50.8mm P/Zn (100) N/A 270μm SSP 12 Mobility >=1500 cm2, EPD <=5000 cm-2
3 inch gaas wafer sale 990 76.2mm P/Zn (110)   600μm DSP 1 Email Us
3 inch gallium nitride wafer sale 1299 100mm Undoped (100) 1E7 625μm DSP 15 EPD <= 5,000

Below are some applications that GaAs wafers benefit.

Ultra-High GaAs Radio Frequency Amplifiers

ultrahigh radio frequency amplifier

Amplifies weak signals more efficiently.

Gallium Arsenide Light Emitting Diodes


GaAs LED color spectrum Infrared, red, orange, yellow.


Gallium Arsenide Solar Panels

gaas solar panels in space

GaAs solar panels are insensitive to heat. It is also resistant to radiation.

Gallium Arsenide Fast Electronic Switching

Gallium Arsenide Fast Switch