Z-Cut Quartz Single Crystal

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Single crystal SiO2 (quartz)
Size: 25.4mm, 50.8mm, 76.2mm, 100mm diameter x 0.5 mm thickness
Orientation: Z-cut
Polish: one side polished
Surface roughness: < 5 A ( by AFM)
Packing: in 1000 class clean room by wafer carrier
Some uses for Single crystal quartz wafers include microwave filters for wireless communication.

Z-Cut Single Crystal Quartz Wafers

We have a large selection of in stock quartz single and double side polished. We can also custom make your specs. Below are some recent z-cut quartz windows we've manufactured.

  • 50.8mm Z-cut Quartz 0.05mm DSP SAW Grade Seedless
  • 5mm x 5mm +/-0.5mm Z-cut Quartz 0.05mm DSP SAW Grade Seedless
  • 50.8+/-0.2mm Z-cut 0.15mm DSP Quartz Crystal SAW seedless Roughness <1nm