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Semiconductor Wafer - Silicon Wafer Turned into a microchip.

Semiconductor Wafer

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c-Si or Crystalline Silicon are used in Semiconductors. Using several micro-fabrication processes, an Ingot of Silicon is turned into a thin Silicon wafer.

The Processes Include:

  • Doping
  • Ion Implantation
  • Etching
  • Thin-Film Deposition
  • photolithographic patterning

Microcircuits are etched onto the wafer. They are then separated dicing, then the diced pieces are packaged as an integrated circuit.

Here are some facts you need to know about semiconductor wafers:

1. Semiconductors are made from Silicon mined from beached. Silicon is the 2nd most common element on earth, after carbon-which is what we are mde of!

2. Only a few beaches can be mined for Silicon. One in Australia and one in Italy. Pristine sand is required.

3. Semiconductor wafers are available in a variety of diameters. In 1960 the first semiconductor wafer was manufactured in the US, the semiconductor wafer’s diameters was 1 inch. Today the standard semiconductor wafer size is 12 inch with foreseeable plan to achieve 18 inch semiconductor wafers.

4. Silicon ingots are grown from a "seed" almost like a plant, but in a cylindrical tube.

5. There are two processes that can be used. One method is called Czochralski process the other is Float Zone. The difference of the two methods are in their use.

6. Semiconductor wafers thickness can be as thin as 2 micron! Your hair is 100 microns.