12 Inch Sapphire Wafers Optical Quality for microfluidic Handling

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12 Inch Silicon Wafer Specifications

We have the following 12 Inch (300mm) Sapphire substrate in available. Buy as few as one wafer.

Please let us know if you can use or if you need another spec.

12” Sapphire wafers
Orientation: C-plane<0001> +/- 1 deg.
Diameter: 300.0 +/-0.2 mm
Thickness: 3.5 +/-0.05 mm
Primary flat length: 57.5 +/-2.5 mm
Primary flat orientation: not specified
Surface finish:
Front side – polished 80/50
Back side – fine ground
Small protective chamfer
Notch: orientation and sizes are random
Packaging: individual
Remark: surface stain marks, bubbles, chips and scratches visible by naked eye are not allowed

12 inch sapphire substrate single side polished

12 Inch Sapphire Wafers for Fluid Handling Research

12 inch sapphire wafers of optical grade are used by researchers for fluid handling. The larger diameter and thickness provide the researcher with a strong substrate to experiment on resulting in greater yield.

300mm (12 inch) sapphire is now largest wafer for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and consumer electronics.
For the first time, higher yields can be obtained from the 300mm Al2O3 wafer thus increasing production yield while reducing production costs.

Unlike other 300mm sapphire producers, UniversityWafer, Inc. and our partners will sell as few as one wafer.

Available 12" Sapphire Substrates

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Size(inch) Orientation Thickness Surface Remarks Wafer Grade
12'' C-plane<0001>+/-1° 1.5+/-0.05mm P/E Epi polished  Prime
12'' C-plane<0001>+/-1° 2.0+/-0.05mm P/E Epi polished  Prime
12'' C-plane<0001>+/-1° 2.5+/-0.05mm P/E Epi polished  Prime
12'' C-plane<0001>+/-1° 3.0+/-0.05mm P/E Epi polished  Prime
12'' C-plane<0001>+/-1° 3.5+/-0.05mm P/E Epi polished  Prime
12'' C-plane<0001>+/-1° 4.0+/-0.05mm P/E Epi polished  Prime
12'' C-plane<0001>+/-1° 5.0+/-0.05mm P/E Epi polished  Prime

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