200mm Sapphire Wafers to Collect Polymer

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8 Inch Sapphire Used for IR Camera Research

A PhD candidate requested the following quote:

We plan to take some infrared pictures for one of our experiments; therefore, we need to replace a regular glass with a sapphire glass or any suggested materials with a transmission range close to our IR camera. It seems sensitive to the wavelength of 7.5 to 14 μm. The shape of the glass would be circular with an 8-inch diameter. Could you please provide us an estimated timeline and price for sapphire glass and any other suggested material?

UniversityWafer, Inc. Quoted:

8'' C-plane Sapphire substrate wafer,IR Grade for Camera
High Purity(>99.996%)and Monocrystaline Al2O3
Surface orientation: C-plane<0001> +/- 2deg
Notch orientation: A-axis<11-20> +/- 0.5° or None
Notch Depth: 1.0 + 0.25/-0.00 mm/Notch per SEMI M1-1105
Notch Angle: 90 +5°/-1 °
Diameter: 200.0+/-0.5mm
Thickness: 8.0 +/-0.1mm
Front side surface: Optical-polished,Ra</=1.0nm,Super transparent for IR transmission
Back side surface: Optical-polished,Ra</=1.0nm,Super transparent for IR transmission
Wafer edge: Round chamfer/bevel
TTV: </=45um
BOW: </=50um
Packaging: Clean room,vacuum sealed in PE bag

Reference #261767 for spec and pricing.

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200mm Sapphire Wafers to Collect Polymer

Sapphire wafers are scratch-resistant and have good thermal properties. Dimensions we need something that is 8'' (~200 mm) in diameter.

Researchers use 200mm Sapphire wafers to collect polymer out of the vapor phase under a vacuum.  The researchers distilled PMMA under vacuum then use the sapphire to evaporate off of and onto.

Recycling 200mm Sapphire Wafers

A scientist requested the following:  "We periodically purchase 100mm single-side polished sapphire wafers. I have two related questions. Do you have any 200mm sapphire in stock? This would likely be a one-off order; we only need about 10 or a cassette. Do you have any recycling programs in which we can sell back used sapphire wafers? We are using them as carriers for mounted semiconductor material through device fabrication."

 UniversityWafer, Inc. Quoted:

Sapphire Wafer
Diam200mm, 2mm thick, SSP
Quantity: 10 Wafers

Reference #266764 for pricing

Round Silicon Wafers Cover for Base Electrode in Etching System

A scientist researching AR coatings requested the following quote for base sapphire substrates:

Can you quote us some double-side-polished sapphire wafers? We’d like 200mm round, ~1mm thick, with or without a flat is fine. We’ll use this as a cover for the base electrode in our etching system, so we are looking for the lowest grade material, no crystal orientation spec, but we do need it commercially polished both sides. Similar to what we just purchased at 150mm diameter.

Reference #206921 for specs and pricing.

Optically Polished 200mm Sapphire Wafers

A Chief Technology Officer requested a quote for the following:

200mm thickness: 700-900µm orientation: C-plane DSP, Ra<0.1µm (optically polished) Qty: 10

Reference #264043 for specs and pricing.

8-inch sapphire substrates are widely used in various industries for their larger size and enhanced capabilities. Here are five applications where 8-inch sapphire substrates find utility:

  1. Semiconductor Manufacturing: 8-inch sapphire substrates serve as a critical platform for the fabrication of semiconductor devices. They provide a larger surface area for the growth of epitaxial layers, enabling the production of high-performance electronic components such as integrated circuits (ICs), power devices, and radio frequency (RF) devices.

  2. LED Production: The larger size of 8-inch sapphire substrates is advantageous in the manufacturing of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). These substrates serve as a base for the deposition of gallium nitride (GaN) or indium gallium nitride (InGaN) layers, which are essential for producing efficient and high-brightness LEDs used in various lighting applications.

  3. Optical Windows and Lenses: 8-inch sapphire substrates are used to fabricate large optical windows and lenses. Their high transparency, excellent thermal stability, and scratch resistance make them suitable for optical applications requiring high-quality materials, such as cameras, telescopes, and laser systems.

  4. Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS) Technology: 8-inch sapphire substrates are utilized in SOS technology, where a layer of silicon is deposited on the sapphire surface. This combination provides unique properties, such as high-frequency performance and radiation resistance, making it suitable for applications in wireless communication, aerospace, and defense industries.

  5. Large-area Thin Film Deposition: The larger surface area of 8-inch sapphire substrates allows for the deposition of large-area thin films. These substrates find applications in various thin film technologies, including protective coatings, solar cells, and displays.


Sapphire Dielectric & Optical Properties

Researcher ask:

I would be also curious what the dielectric properties and optical properties are, for another project as well. We do sometimes do ellipsometry and dielectric spectroscopy, so if this works in those systems as well I can justify buying more.

We would want to order probably 4 disks of 200 mm diameter. If I can find other uses for the sapphire we may be able to order 5-10.

UniversityWafer, Inc. Quoted the following:

8'' Sapphire disk. Also see below for the dielectric properties and optical properties.

Standard spec 8 inch sapphire substrate wafer
High Purity(>99.996%)and Monocrystaline Al2O3
Surface orientation: C-plane<0001> Off-axis 0.35 +/- 0.15deg towards M-axis<10-10>
Notch orientation: A-axis<11-20> +/- 0.3°
Notch Depth: 1.0 + 0.25/-0.00 mm/Notch per SEMI M1-1105
Notch Angle: 90 +5°/-1 ° Or Semi flat cut
Diameter: 200.0+/-0.25mm
Thickness: 1300um or 1600um
Front side surface: Epi-polished,Ra</=0.3nm
Back side surface: Fine-ground,Ra=1.0 +/- 0.2um
Wafer edge: Small protective chamfer
TTV: </=20um
BOW: </=30um
Packaging: Class 100 clean room,vacuum sealed
Qty. 4,5~10Nos.

pricing : $ usd/ea bases Qty. 04/5pcs
$ usd/ea bases Qty. 10pcs
lead time : 2~4 weeks

Dielectric properties and optical properties

Sr. No. Property Value
1 Material 99.996% pure Al2O3 (Alumina)
2 Material class according to DIN EN 60672 C795
3 Density 3.73 g/cc
4 Coefficient of thermal expansion
100° – 200° C 6.0 – 8.0 * 10 -6 /K
100° – 300° C 6.0 – 8.0 * 10 -6 /K
100° – 600° C 6.7 – 8.7 * 10 -6 /K
100° – 800° C 7.0 – 9.0 * 10 -6 /K
5 Dielectric constant (10 MHz to 1 GHz) 8.3 – 11.3
6 Dielectric loss factor (10 MHz to 1 GHz) ≤ 5 * 10 -3
7 Breakdown field ≥ 15 kV/mm
8 E-Modulus ≥ 300 GPa
9 Thermal conductivity at 20° C ≥ 22 W/m K
10 Volume resistivity at

20° C ≥1013 Ω-cm
200° C ≥1011 Ω-cm
400° C ≥109 Ω-cm
600° C ≥107 Ω-cm
11 Water absorption ≤ 0.1%

12 Light transmission characteristics: T>/=80% (0.3~5μm)

Refractive index: no =1.768 ne =1.760

Semiconductor Grade 8 Inch Sapphire

A corporate research scientist requested the following quote.

Could you please quote me for the wafers bellow? Sapphire: (No flat, notch is OK but not needed) Semiconductor grade. DSP, 4 inches (or 100 mm), 1 mm thick, quantity of 5, 10 and 20 units Semiconductor grade. DSP, 8 inches (or 200 mm), 2 mm thick, quantity of 5, 10 and 20 units Semiconductor grade. DSP, 8 inches (or 200 mm), 4 mm thick, quantity of 5, 10 and 20 units It is important that the wafers are with the same quality as used in semiconductor industry (I emphasize because some previous vendors have send samples of wafers wrapped in optical papers) I am also interested for the same description for ZnS. Hope to hear from you soon. 


I have another question regarding the data you provided on the Sapphire wafers. How did you calculate or get the typical data, or where did you take your input for the data that you have sent.


Yes,the data we provided was the typical data,If you need actual value,It has to do testing and measuring (tensile strength and compression strength),if those wafers were continous demand,We can measuring and setting up the value for further guaranteed value.

UniversityWafer, Inc. Quoted

Pls see below for the offer on requested semiconductor grade sapphire wafer

8 Inch Sapphire: (No flat, notch is OK but not needed) 8 inches (or 200 mm), 2 mm thick, quantity of 5, 10 and 20 units Semiconductor grade. DSP
Packaging: Class 100 clean room,vacuum sealed per single cassette

8 Inch Sapphire: (No flat, notch is OK but not needed) 8 inches (or 200 mm), 4 mm thick, quantity of 5, 10 and 20 units Semiconductor grade. DSP
Packaging: Class 100 clean room,vacuum sealed per single cassette


Question 1:

Are you the manufacturer or do you get them from a third party?

If it is from a third party, is it a single source or various?

We will have to get these wafers qualified for the program, and if they pass, I need to make sure that you can provide the same wafers for several years, any issue in that?


Universitywafer Inc. coordinating with various of our qualified foundry and wafer maker all over the world,Our partners do that from crystal growth to back-end wafer polishing and epitaxial growth etc. as well as using for further electronic and optic filed applications,Our source supply chain are international standard and very stability,most of the partners are first line well known big manufacturers,hence,continuous supply are all ok for various type of wafers,we have been focus on this field about 30 years. long term cooperation also our desired and our service purpose.

Question 2:

What type of single cassette do you use for the 4 mm wafers Sapphire. Do you have a description, picture, part number from your provider? Are they reusable so that I can ship later my parts when the work is finished?


See image for the wafer cassette we normal using,the picture was taken from our in stock 8'' 1.2mm DSP what does a 8 inch sapphire wafer in a cassette looks likewafer packaging. Class 100 clean room,vacuum sealed per single cassette,it can be reusable if the wafer was opened in clean room or it can be re-use after cleanliness.