4 Inch Sapphire Wafers for Research and Production

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4 Inch Sapphire Wafers to Fabricate Hotplate Sensors

A PhD candiate at an Applied Science and Engineering department requested the following quote:

We are planing to use 100mm Sapphire wafers to make hotplate sensor for heating materials up to 1000 ℃, so working temperature and surface finish(due to lithography) is important for us. Orientation does not matter. Our sensor is on one side of the wafer, so single side polish is fine. Diameter is 4 inch. Since we may need many wafers if it works well, so price is also important. It would be great if you can supply thermal expansion coefficient information. Thanks!

UniversityWafer, Inc. Answered:

For the Al2O3 crystal, its melting point is 2045℃,boiling point is 3000℃,so working temperature up to 1000℃ is no problem for sapphire wafer, as to the surface finished, it is smooth finished process by CMP polishing, mirror surface roughness less than 1.0nm,however,pls let us know the wafer thickness so as to quote.

the thermal expansion coefficient for the 4'' sapphire wafer is 5.8X10^-6/k, fyi.

Reference #220978  for specs and pricing.

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What Sapphire Substrate Diameters are Available?

We have a large selection of stadard diameters and custom dimension availble. Please send us your specs or click below:



Sapphire Substrate Client Testimonial

A Physics PhD of a large university gave us the following thumbs up!

Our sapphire wafer order arrived in the country last week and we had our first opportunity to examine them today. We looked at only one of the 100um-thick wafers and it looks very good; we were very pleased that we could handle it by hand without breaking it! We also opened the box with the 200um wafers and were similarly pleased. We are very pleased so far with the order and we would be happy to keep you posted as we work through our fabrication processes. Thank you for your assitance!

What Sapphire Substrates Are Used for Optical Lithography?

A Phd in Microstructured Quantum Matter requested the following quote.

Please quote me the following substrates. 25 x Sapphire wafer. Diameter 100mm, SSP, polished for optical lithography. These will be low temperature substrates, so cut direction is not an issue. Thickness is not important. We will dice it into small pieces and should still be able to handle them with tweezers. Something around 400-600 micron should be good. What is a cheap and useful thickness? Any grade as the quality of the sapphire (dielectric constant, impurities, etc.) are not important.

Reference #214868 for specs and pricing.

Sapphire Wafers for Dry Plasma Etching

An Ph.D. in Astrophysics requested a quote for the following:

We would like to purchase at least 3 sapphire wafers. We need 4" (100mm diameter) with any thickness greater than 0.400 mm. These wafers need to be mostly resistant to SF6 dry plasma etching. Please quote for both the SSP and Mechanical Grade.

Reference #249624 for specs and pricing.

4 Inch Sapphire to Grow 2D Films

A PhD Research Scientist Center for Advanced Energy Studies requested the following quote:

I would like a quote for a boat (qty. 25) of 4" c-plane sapphire wafers that are SSP. We want to have them epi ready grade but otherwise no other specs. Browsing online it looks like the Sapphire ID 1732 looks good but I am open to suggestions if you have any other recommendations. We are looking at growing 2D films on the substrate and then transfering the films after.