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Minority Carrier Life Time of Silicon Wafers

After becoming a free electron in the conduction band, an electron gives up its energy and falls into a h ole in the covelent bond of the valence band. This is known as recombination.

This process is known as recombination. The time period from when an electron moves from the conduction band until recombination isa call the lifetime of the electron-hole pair. Thermal energy leads to the continual creation of electron-hole pairs followed by their recombination.

Below are just some silicon wafers that we sell with higher carrier lifetimes. Other specs and diameters in small and large quantities also available.

Item Dia Type/Dopant Orien Thick Pol Res ohm-cm Lifetime
E239 150mm N/Ph (100) 825um As-Cut FZ 7,025-7,856 7,562μs
5325 150mm N/PH (100) 725um DSP FZ 57-62 15,700μs
6846 100mm P/B (100) 250um DSP FZ 1-3 1,700μs
6510 76.2mm P/B (100) 350um DSP FZ 1-5 1,500μs



Michael Quirk, Julian Serda, Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology