100mm Sapphire Wafers for Researchers

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100mm Sapphire Wafers

100mm Sapphire Wafers

We have a large inventory of 100mm sapphire wafers. Please let us know what specs and quantity you need? We can sell as few as one sapphire wafer!

Below are just some of the 100mm sapphire windows that we have on our store:

100mm 650um SSP (0001)

Orientation: C-plane off 0.2 +/- 0.1 deg to M-plane leftwards from the Primary; 0+/-0.1 deg off to A-plane Surface finish: 1 side – epi-polished (Ra: <02 nm) 2 side - fine ground (Ra: 0.6 - 1 um); Primary flat length: 30 +/-1 mm Primary flat orientation: A-plane +/- 0.3 deg. TTV: < / = 20 um Bow: from -15 to 0 um


100mm 500um DSP (0001)

C-Plane off to M Plane 0.2 degree


100mm 650um DSP (0001)

C-M plane 0.2°, Double Side Polished, Micro-roughness: Ra<0.35nm, Primary flat length: 32.5±2.5mm. Warp<21um, TTV<16um