Quantum Dots to Manufacture Solar Cells

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Solar Cells Made From Quantum Dots

Next generation photovoltaic cells will use furturistic colloidal quantum dot technology.

Client statement:

"Our product is a solar cell made from quantum dots and absorbing light in the IR. That cell is stacked behind a regular silicon cell to act as a hybrid module. We want to run tests with your silicon wafer to simulate a thin silicon Photo Voltaic (PV) module."

The following thin silicon item was used for the research above.

Item# 3235 Thin Silicon 100mm P /B <100> 10-20 100um DSP

Quantum Dots are an Efficient and Versatile Solar Material

  • ¬†Nanometer sized particles in solution
  • Light absorption much more efficient than c-Si
  • Absorption onset can be tuned into the infrared, where very few materials absorb well