100mm P/B (100) 1-10 ohm-cm SSP 500um Prime Grade Si Wafers

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What is a Prime Grade Silicon Wafer?

Producing high-quality products requires high-quality materials, but sourcing those materials can be take a lot of time and time is money.

Even the best products can be ruined by low-quality materials. That's why it's so important to source only the highest quality substrates for your business.

UniversityWafer, Inc.'s 100mm prime grade silicon wafers are the perfect solution for businesses that demand the highest quality products. Our wafers have a tolerance of <1 micron TTV and a particle count that is much lower than test grade. This makes them perfect for use in production and research settings.

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What Are Some 100mm Silicon Wafer Applications?

The semiconductor industry has moved to larger diameters for their silicon wafers, such as 100mm, 4'', and even smaller ones. The reason for this shift is largely due to the cost savings and increased yields associated with larger-diameter wafers. These 100mm silicon wafers, also known as "4" silicon, are used in many different applications today, including solar panels, Integrated Circuits, and more.

Prime grade silicon wafers are typically used for semiconductor devices, photolithography, and particle monitors. Other applications include test wafers. These silicon wafers have wider specifications and are often used for a variety of purposes, from testing equipment to mounting cells. For example, 100mm silicon chips are commonly sold for solar cell manufacturing. These products are packaged in a wafer carrier tray, between plastic sheets to maintain their quality.

These wafers are also referred to as "test" wafers. This grade is not as high as prime silicon, but it is still a superior option for many types of applications. In addition to solar cell manufacturing, 100mm silicon wafers are used in many different microfluidic experiments. Depending on the application, they can be cleaved to any shape and size desired.

When choosing a substrate for 100mm silicon wafers, it's important to note that there are two grades of silicon wafers. Prime silicon wafers are shiny and round, while test silicon is smooth and shiny. The semi-standard thickness of a 100mm silicon waff is between 500um and 550um. However, the requirements for a prime silicon wafer are much tighter.

The use of a test grade silicon wafer is similar to that of prime silicon. The difference between the two grades is the underlying material. A 100mm wafer can be used in a variety of applications, from medical imaging to laser scanning. The smaller the silicon wafer, the greater the resulting dimensional accuracy. But what are some hundredmm silicon wafer applications? These are the three major types of applications that use this technology.

In general, a 100mm silicon wafer is useful for a wide variety of applications. For example, a CMOS chip may require a p-type semiconductor. The N-type semiconductor has a p-type structure, meaning that it contains more holes than electrons. The p-type type is used in a semiconductor device that requires a high-level of reliability.

While all types of 100mm silicon wafers are useful for different purposes, there are some notable variations that are used for different purposes. The P-Type is a semiconductor used for lithography, while N-Types are used in advanced CMOS device fabrication. Each type of silicon has its own distinct set of benefits and uses. Regardless of which type of silicon wafer you choose, it will serve multiple purposes.

A 100mm silicon wafer is the most common type of silicon wafer. They are a standard size and shape and have 100-degree orientation. In fact, the only difference between the two is its density. The more dense the polycrystalline material is, the higher the resistance. Therefore, it is better to buy a high-quality product. It is also important to remember that there are different grades of silicon.

A 100mm silicon wafer is the highest-grade commercial silicon wafer. These are the best-quality wafers, because they are conductive, and are the most expensive. They are the most versatile type of silicon-based semiconductors, and are used for a variety of other uses. For instance, they can be used for lithography and advanced CMOS device fabrication. In addition, the thickness of these wafers varies widely and is essential for many applications.

The 100mm diameter of a silicon-based wafer is used in a variety of different applications. They are used to fabricate high-frequency electronics. The diameter is also a crucial consideration in determining how the semiconductor will be used. In fact, the same material can be used in different ways. The diameter is just as important as the width, if not more important. There are numerous other 100mm-diameter semiconductor products available.


100mm P-Type Boron Doped (100) 1-10 ohm-cm SSP 500um Prime Grade Wafers

We have a large selection of P-type 100mm Doped Prime Grade and Test Grade Silicon wafers. Please send us the specs that you need quoted or buy online. Semiconductor standard specs for all substratres. One or two flats with Total Thickness Variations (TTV) ranging from hard to find 1 micron to standard tolerances. The wafers ship in hard platic Empak cassettes.

Below is just a small example of what we have in stock. Ask for the full list of in stock inventory, or buy online here.

Item# Type/Dopant Ori. Dia (mm) Thk (μm) Polish Res Ωcm
E326 P/Boron [100] 4" 525 SSP 5-10
One Flat, Empak cst, TTV <4μm, Bow <15μm, Warp <30μm
6640 P/Boron [100] 4" 525 SSP 5-10
2Flats, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
6313 P/Boron [100] 4" 525 SSP 4.1-4.5
NO Flats, Empak cst
G189 P/Boron [100] 4" 475 SSP 1-10
2Flats, Empak cst, Epi edges for 150μm epi growth
4959 P/Boron [100] 4" 525 DSP 5-10
2Flats, Empak cst, with 150nm of LPCVD Stoichiometric Silicon Nitride on bith sides
D959 P/Boron [100] 4" 525 DSP 1-10
2Flats, Both sides with 150nm of LPCVD Si3N4 over 200nm of SiO2 over Si , Empak cst
6402 P/Boron [100] 4" 525 DSP 1-3
2Flats, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
TS059 P/Boron [100] 4" 475 SSP 1-2 {1.57-1.61}
1Flat, Oxygen=(10-18)ppma, C<1ppma, TTV<5μm, Empak cst
6939 P/Boron [100] 4" 525 DSP 1-3
2Flats, Empak cst, TTV<5μm
6927 P/Boron [100] 4" 525 SSP 1-10
2Flats, Empak cst
16F P/Boron [100-6°] 4" 525 SSP 4-6
2Flats, Empak cs
16C1 P/Boron [100] 4" 500 DSP 1-10
2Flats, Empak cst

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