Silicon on Sapphire (SoS) for Photonic Metamaterials

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What Kind of Wafer is Used For Photonic Metamaterials Research?

Clients have used and confirmed that the following Silicon-on-Sapphire Wafer works best for Photonic Metal Materials research.

SOS, 4", R-plane+/-0.5° 460+/-20 DSP 0.6um <100

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In the last few years photonic metamaterials have experienced incredible gains in subwavelength-scale nanostructures with elaborately designed periodic and disordered photonic materials for applications in integrated photonics. Silicon-on-Sapphire is helping advance subwavelength engineering used in silicon photonic devices.

Researchers are using subwavelength gratings and hyperuniform disordered photonic structures to attain state-of-the-art performances for the near- and mid-infrared applications in:

  • fiber-chip coupling
  • slot waveguides for refractive-index sensing
  • mode conversion
  • wavelength filtering
  • integrated resonators
  • ultracompact high-extinction
  • broadband integrated polarizers.