Where to Buy Silicon Wafers?

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Silicon Wafers for Boron Nitride Nanotube Research

A Phd researcher requested the following quote:

Hi I am looking to buy silicon wafer, diameter 2 or 3cm and it will be used for Raman for BNNT so no Boron doping on the silicon wafer samples.

Reference #271023 for specs and pricing.

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UniversityWafer, Inc is Where You can buy the following Silicon Wafers, including:

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Undoped Silicon

UniversityWafer, Inc. has a large selection of silicon wafers from the best manufacturers. High-quality combined with low cost means you save when you buy online.

Who Buys Silicon Wafers?

If you're a semiconductor professioinal working in academia or industry then there is a good chance that you've purchased silicon wafers and related substrates for your research and, or production.

What is The Price of Silicon Wafers?

To many factors that include diameter, grade, thickness, polish, resistivity, quantity and more dictate the price of silicon.


Choose your silicon wafers and the quantity. You can make a quote from the shopping cart. A PDF wafer quote will be immediatly emailed to you!

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Buying Silicon Wafers

Decisions on where to make silicon wafer purchase can be stressfull. UniversityWafer, Inc. welcomes quote comparisons. If you find a better quote, let us know and we can try to beat it!

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Test Grade Silicon For Spin Coating and Microfluidics

A senior scientist of government lab requested the following quote:

I want to buy silicon wafer #452, 25 wafers. I want to make sure it is OK for normal spin coating and making template in microfluidics. If you can attach quote, that would be great. Thanks!

Reference #90838  for specs and pricing.

Substrates Used for a Resist

A Phd aspirant requested the following:

I’m looking to buy silicon wafers, but the specs aren’t very important (the price is more important). I’ll use them a substrate for a resist and it’s the properties of the resist that are important. The wafer is only used as a strong and flat/polished surface. I’ve used some borrowed wafers in the past and they told what I need: 3 inch N or P type Single side polished is enough (can be DSP) Test grade quality is enough I’m looking for anything between 20 and 100 wafers. What can you offer me?

Reference #110096 for specs and pricing.

Porous Silicon Research

A Senior Research Fellow requested the following quote:

  1. We are interested to buy silicon wafer with or without oxidized layer. The specifications are given below:
  2. .
  3. high resistivity silicon substrate
  4. mobility= 1400cm2 / V-S
  5. resistivity=3 K-ohm/ cm
  6. dielectric constant = 4 to 12
  7. Orientation=100
  8. Dimention = 4 inch
  9. Silicon with oxide layer should have a thick silicon dioxide layer e.g. 20 micrometer thick oxidized porous silicon (OPS) layer.

Reference #130638 for specs and pricing.

Silicon Wafer Discs for University Research

An electrical engineer requested the following quote:

Reference #123287 for specs and pricing.

Silicon Wafers to Fabricate P-N Interfaces

A Phd student requested the following:

I would like to buy silicon wafers of low resistivity with p-n interfaces:

p-type Si, DSP or SSP, orientation (100), diameter 2”- 4” , thickness 200-400 µm,
resistivity 0,01-0,001 ohm-cm, with N/P/P+ , quantity 25 or less


n-type Si, DSP or SSP, orientation (100), diameter 2”- 4” , thickness 200-400 µm,
resistivity 0,01-0,001 ohm-cm, with N+/N/P, quantity 25 or less.

Could you please send me proposal with prices?

Reference #142344 for specs and pricing.

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where to buy silicon wafers

UniversityWafer, Inc. has a large selection of silicon wafers from the best manufacturers. High-quality combined with low cost means you save when you buy online.

Silicon Process Test Wafers is one of the world's largest suppliers of test silicon wafer testing equipment. UniversityWafer, Inc. offers a comprehensive list of world-class wafers used in semiconductor device manufacturing and testing - waves used in the manufacture and testing of devices. Manufacturers of semiconductor capital and equipment also use process tests of silicon wafers to develop and characterize semiconductors and manufacturing processes. Reclaiming Silicon, a leader in thin film deposition (thin film recovery) technology.

To produce world-class silicon wafers, manufacturers rely on wafer specialists such as UniversityWafer, Inc. to help test world-class wafers and support the film through a fully optimized production process. [Sources: 7]

The silicon wafer market is expected to skyrocket with the increasing number of product applications and reach USD per million by 2026. (CAGR from 21% of USD / million in 2020 to USD / million in 2021-20). Think of how jealous your friends will be when you tell them you got a silicone wafer from AliExpress. If you are like our friends, you have to act quickly when they are over - the top silicone wafers will quickly become one of the most sought after - after bestsellers. [Sources: 0, 4, 9]

The conversion to larger 450 mm silicon wafers would reduce the price of the dies, which is related to lithography. Lithographer Chris Mack claimed in 2012 that only 10-20% of costs would be reduced compared to a 300mm wafer because it is related to the number of wafers and not the "wafer area" where the costs are related, and this would give additional impetus to the growth of the silicon wafer market. [Sources: 5, 9]

The escalation in applications requiring large amounts of memory will have a significant impact on the growth of the silicon wafer market in the coming years. Silicon wafer Reclaim companies are strengthening their ability to gain market share in their industry due to the increasing activity of activist investors, the growing activity of activist investors and the need to maintain their market share in a highly competitive market. The report also focuses on a number of factors, such as the increasing demand for high-end wafers, KEN's ability to acquire competitors, etc. The silicone wafer market of all sizes is facing rapid growth, due to a combination of high demand and low production costs, as well as a high level of innovation. [Sources: 3, 9, 10]

The unprecedented performance and efficiency of silicon-based solar modules has given an additional boost to the trend in the silicon wafer market. Silicon as a suitable component in photovoltaics has made it an attractive candidate for further growth. Speaking of geographical landscape, the silicone wafer market in Asia-Pacific will generate promising returns due to the emerging automotive industry in the region. There are a number of regions, countries, actors and applications, divided into automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace, energy, automotive and other applications. [Sources: 4, 9]

There are three additional classifications of premium wafers designed for specific process applications. Furnace Grade Test Wafers are considered the highest silicon wafer class in terms of performance and efficiency, and also have the lowest production costs and best performance of the other two classes. [Sources: 8]

Due to the details of the common etching process, almost every silicon processing line should be able to build a similar ESM wafer. Ordinary silicon wafers differ only in the size and shape of their etchings, but not in their chemical composition. [Sources: 2, 8]

With the aim of providing a wide range of specifications, we work with a number of manufacturers and suppliers of silicon wafers as well as manufacturers of other wafer types. [Sources: 1]

We supply the wafer diameter(s) that produces the die and the DPW, which is the number of wafers. The thickness of a wafer ranges from 775 to 12 inches perwafer and its diameter (S) is the width of the matrices. You can grow wafers from materials other than silicon, such as polysilicon, polycrystalline or other types of silicon. Silicon wafers get thicker because they have to carry their own weight to process cracks. DPD is 2, d stands for diodes, and DPw is a number for wafers and dW for cube sizes. [Sources: 5, 11]

A key motivation for a company is to provide the silicon wafers that are most suitable for the customer's requirements. Thick silicon support rings provide full material compatibility, while other handling mechanisms require adhesive materials that reduce thermal budget and chemical incompatibility. [Sources: 1, 6]