GaN High Mobility Electron Transistor (HEMT) on Silicon

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Why HEMTs on Silicon wafers?

One word, cost! Silicon is a ubiquitous material used for all semiconductor purposes and easy to work with.

HEMT Structure on Silicon Wafer

high-electron mobility transistor(HEMT)  structure on silicon wafer

GaN High-Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT) on Silicon

Below is just one example of what we carry.

Specification of HEMT on Si

Parameter Nominal value
Thickness of GaN Cap Layer 3 nm
AlGaN compostion(%Al) 26%
AlGaN thickness (nm) 25 nm
AlN thickness 1 nm
Thickness of GaN (um) 2 um
Thickness of buffer layer (um) ~ 1 um
Thickness of Si(111) substrate (um) 700 um or 1500 um (for 2inch Si substrate)

Sheet resistivity (ohms/sq)
Mobility (cm2/V-sec) >1300 for Si substrate
Sheet concentration (/cm³) ~ 1 e 13
Bow <60um