HEMT Structure on Sapphire

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HEMT on Sapphire Specifications

Substrate Sapphire
Thickness of GaN buffer(um) 1.8± 0.25μm
AlGaN compostion(%Al) 20, 23 or 26± 1.25%
AlGaN thickness (nm) 21±1nm
AlN thickness 1±0.5nm
Sheet resistivity (ohms/sq) <420 ohms/sq
Mobility (cm2/V-sec) >1200 cm2/V-sec
Sheet concentration (/cm3) >1e13/cm3
Bow <60um
Buffer layer resistivity (ohms/sq) >1e5ohms/sq
Substrate resistivity (ohms/sq) >10,000ohms/sq
particulates or other defects 90.00%

Why GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors GaN HEMTs?

Gallium Nitride HEMTs have high gain which are great as amplifiers for swiching at high speeds. HEMTs are field-effect transistors. The junction between two different band gap materials (i.e. a heterojunction) as the channel instead of a doped region (as is generally the case for a MOSFET).

HEMT transistors performance at higher frequency. They are able to operate at higher frequencies than traditional transistors.

Uses in high-frequency products inlcude:

  • cell phones
  • satellite television receivers
  • voltage converters
  • radar equipment
  • low power amplifiers
  • Other defense related systems

Silicon Carbide (SiC) HEMT

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