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Pyrex 7740 is Borofloat 33!

Our Pyrex/Borofloat 33 wafers are great for anondic bonding. But we also have less expensive D263 for other uses. We have standard thickness and thin pyrex 50 micron available.

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Standard Pyrex 7740 Specs

4" wafer Borosilicate glass (Pyrex or Borofloat)
Diameter 100 +/-0.3mm
Thickness: 500 +-25um / Also have 175 +/-25um
Double Side Polish
Surface Roughness: <1.5nm (Ra)
TTV: <10um
ground c-shape edge with primary flat SEMI
surface cleanness: scratch-dig 60-40 according to MIL-PRF-13830
clear apeture: diameter 90nm
cleanroom packed class 1000 according Fed 209

What is Pyrex 7740?

Corning Pyrex(r) 7740 glass has a high density and low coefficient of thermal expansion, making it what is pyrex 7740ideal for a variety of applications. The material is chemically resistant and has high temperature and chemical resistance. Its spherical shape and low thermal expansion make it a great material for mirror substrates, as well as for windows in high and low temperature environments. The low expansion characteristics of Pyrex glass make it ideal for use in astronomy and optics.

Despite being the most popular type of borosilicate glass, Pyrex(r) 7740 is unique in that it provides excellent thermal, mechanical, and optical properties. The sheet is available in thicknesses ranging from 3/32 inch to 2.25 inches and is available in a range of mesh sizes from four to three25. Because of its high density, it can be processed into a variety of shapes and forms and is highly durable.

PYREX(r) glass is a low-expansion borosilicate glass. It is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, and it has a low coefficient of expansion. This ensures excellent thermal shock resistance. The material is made in blocks and can be shaped to various shapes and sizes. This material is commonly used in sight glasses and windows. There are a variety of uses for Pyrex.


Pyrex 7740 is a Corning trademark. Borofloat 33 is Schott's trademark. Both companies make basically the same borosilicate glass specs, but defined by their respective trade names.


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