Semiconductor Wafers

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Si wafers


Semiconductor Substrates

We have a large selection of 1" - 12" wafers for semiconductor research.   We have plenty of partial cassettes so you can buy less than 25 wafers and as few as one wafer. 

We can deposit oxide, nitride, metals on any of the wafers. We can dice them, thin them to 5um. We have undoped, low doped and highly doped always in stock.

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  • Silicon wafers used to power vehicles as the solar condor
  • Thick Silicon wafers used as substrates for depositing various films on them, like polymer membranes.
  • Intrinsic Silicon wafers that let circuits built on it act very fast. This is also why one uses SOI wafers.
  • Low resisivity Silicon wafers used by laboratories that use Epi growth reactors.
  • Standard substrates used for npn transistor circuits npn transistorand optical applications.
  • Inexpensive Silicon wafers used to make ultra-pure and ultra-clean carrier that do not react  with the organic  sample to be analyzed.