Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) Substrates for Research and Production

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CaF2 Substrates for Researchers

A scientist at a leading European univeristy requested the following quote:

I would like to request a quote for CaF2 substrates, specifically two 4-inch diameter wafers, polished on one side.

I have another material that I am studying and I need to glue down very small crystals of this materials onto a substrate (typically a 2x2 mm chip cut from a wafer) that I will then cool down to sub-Kelvin temperatures. During the cooldown process, a lot of strain can be generated due to differences in thermal contraction of the sample and the substrate and this can negatively affect my experiment. Now, I have done simulations with various substrate materials and it turns out that CaF2 has about the right coefficient of thermal expansion to generate very little strain when cooled down with my sample. That is why I would like to test this material as a substrate for my experiment.

 For my simulations, I used data for the linear thermal expansion coefficient of CaF2 as a function of temperature, but I do not know if/how this would vary between different grades of CaF2. If you happen to have data on that, that would be helpful as well.

Finally, I will not be doing any optical experiments, so a property like the transmission is not important to me.

Please reference #252618 for specs and pricing.

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Diced Calcium Flouride Wafers Transparent in Mid-Infrared Region

A  Postdoctoral Researcher requested a quote for the following:

I want to buy 50 pieces of both side polished CaF2 substrate from your company. The specification of the substrate is 10 mm x 10 mm x 1mm. Can you please send me a quotation for the material with best offer price? Also, please include the surface roughness and optical transparency data of the material, if possible. It would be helpful for us regarding the experiment. 

We need CaF2 substrate which would be transparent in mid infrared region.

Please check the following quotation(FOB).
Material: Single crystal CaF2
Dimension: 10 mm x 10 mm x 1mm
SQ: 60-40

Reference #270847 for specs and pricing.

What Calcium Flouride Substrates used to Build Cells for Spectroscopic Applications

Researcher: Specifically we need substrates with high transparency in the range 2.5 to 5 micron. The cut (100) or (111) would provide different performances? The minimum thickness I see from the examples is 500 micron and since we need to build cells I think going thinner would increase the risk of braking it, right? Moreover the size available is either square 1x1 cm2 or 2 inch wafer (which we will need anyway to cut in squared substrates). Would it be possible to have 1.5x1.5 cm2? Of course I need a quotation and a tentative delivery time.

UniversityWafer, Inc. Provided the following quote. Reference #271330 for pricing.

Item# Dia Ori Thick Pol
U01-W8-T-230110-1 10×10mm 100 0.5mm DSP
U01-W8-T-230110-2 10×10mm 111 0.5mm DSP
U01-W8-T-230110-3 15×15mm 100 0.5mm DSP
U01-W8-T-230110-4 15×15mm 111 0.5mm DSP

What CaF2 Specifications are Used to Fabricate on-chip Microwave Resonators?

A university Ph.d researcher asked us to quote the following:

I am designing an on-chip microwave resonator for my master's project. I am enquiring about the services University wafers offer, which could be used to fabricate this. If this is something you can do, my supervisor would be interested in getting the designs made, provided the production is not too expensive.

My basic design is shown below (a CAD file or similar can be produced ready for manufacture). The substrate (green) I am hoping to use is Calcium Flouride (CaF2) and the metal (orange) can be either Gold or Copper. The dimensions I am hoping to use are:
t = 0.4 microns (minimum), h = 0.5-1mm, S = 0.35mm, W = 0.15mm, g = 0.15mm

calcium flouride thin films

Is this something you can make by either sputtering or thermal evaporation? If the values of h, W, S, g are too small/ large for your manufacturing process, I can change them within some limits. What are the precisions of these values for your process?

Essentially, I want to know if something like this can be made using your facilities and if so, how would it be made? I understand this is a very busy time, so any help on this would be much appreciated.
If this is something you can do, I can provide more design details and we can discuss prices/ delivery etc.

Just following up on our previous emails, can University Wafers fabricate this design? In my design, I had w = g= 0.15mm , is it possible to make this smaller ? If so, what's the smallest gap value you can fabricate using 0.4um thick copper on this substrate?

The batch would be 5-10 I think. In terms of size of wafers, we just need something we can fit our structure on and cut into a rectangle.

Thank you for your patience and replies so far. I have cc'ed my supervisors in this email, for future correspondence after my project is finished.

Please reference #257686 for specs/pricing.

What Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) Wafers are Suitable for Thin-Film Interferometry?

A researcher requested a quote for the following:

I am looking to purchase ITO-coated calcium fluoride (CaF2) wafers, suitable for thin film interferometry. My requirement is as follows: Product: ITO coated calcium fluoride (CaF2) wafers Dimensions: 25 mm*25 mm*1 mm Flatness: <=Lambda/2 Homogeneity level of CaF2 wafer: High Surface polish (scratch-dig) : 60/40 (both sides polished) surface roughness (RMS): ~ 3-5 nm Transmissivity (visible (400 to 750 nm) as well as mid-IR range (2.5 to 5.5 micron): >90%. Quantity: 20 Nos. ITO coating requirement: Surface resistivity: 10 Ohms/sq. Transmissivity: Visible (>80%) and Mid-IR (0%). Coating: One side coating extending through edges to other side as well by 10 mm. Please let me know if you can deliver this products. If you need any further information on this, please revert me back. I look forward to your reply ASAP.

Please reference #264113 for specs and pricing.