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Using Bonded Silicon-on-Insulator Wafers to Make Solar Cells

Client is using Bonded SOI wafers to make solar cells.

For our project we want to fabricate p-type Si solar cells with different thicknesses (10-100mu) on an SOI wafer. For our solar cells it would be good to have low sheet resistance (max 200 Ohm/sq), but since high minority carrier lifetime is also important for us, we prefer to have low doping (max 10^17) - can be higher for very thin cells.

There are some good candidates in the list, but for many wafers the Res range is quite large, e.g. 1000.516 has Res 1 – 30 which give Rsheet of 100 – 3000 Ohm/sq. Is it possible to narrow the Res down or do we have to order and see if we are lucky?

Currently we are interested in the following wafers: