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Horizontal Vaccum Furnace for Nitride Growth on Silicon

A horizontal vacuum furnace is a great choice for a range of processes. The VH-HV Flipper has a six-inch, twelve-inch work zone. Its two-inch, four-inch work zone provides optimal workspace. The T-M-HV Super Series includes a state-of-the-art PLC control system and is easy to use. It is a very robust piece of equipment for many industries.

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What Is A Horizontal Vaccum Furnace?

The HVF Horizontal Vacuum Furnace is a compact heat treatment equipment that is ideal for processing large amounts of material. It features a cylindrical low-alloyed heating chamber lined with molybdenum or graphite felt to prevent heat loss. High-efficiency heating elements increase the zone of the heat exchange furnace by 50%. The heat exchanger's housing is made of carbon steel and is available with optional equipment such as two batch tables and manual batch loaders. The patented design and user-friendly features of the HVF horizontal vacuum furnace make it a versatile and useful device for a variety of applications.

horizontal vaccum furnaceThe horizontal vacuum furnace's compact design, high-performance features, and low maintenance costs make it an ideal heat treatment tool. The patented hinged door provides easy gas flow and installation for minimal floor space. In addition to heat treatments, it's used for sintering, advanced ceramics, and aluminizing. Inert gas cooling loops ensure that the treated metal reaches a desired temperature.

The controls of the horizontal vacuum furnace are highly advanced, ensuring superior performance and productivity. They are housed in an electrostatically powder-coated NEMA 12 control cabinet for durability and reliability. Variable-frequency drives and soft-start motor starters allow operators to choose the ideal vacuum temperature and pressure for their application. The system also comes with a refractory metal for use in high-temperature applications.

The horizontal vacuum furnace's compact design offers excellent performance, ease of use, and flexibility for commercial and in-house heat treaters. It is easy to customize and can accommodate special requirements. The VAH Series horizontal vacuum furnace is designed for fast heating rates, uniform temperatures, and high-level vacuum. Most standard units come with a gas quench system for rapid cooling of the load. A standard unit is ideal for a variety of applications.

A horizontal front-loading vacuum furnace has been recently shipped to a manufacturer in the Midwest. It features a molybdenum shielded hot zone and heating elements. It has a 54-inch (1.37-m) wide work zone and a weight capacity of 7,500 pounds. It is suitable for titanium alloy processing and is fully compliant with aerospace specifications AMS2750E. Its size and weight is very important to the quality of the product.

Aside from being durable, an HVF Series furnace can save your money and energy. The HVF Series uses a hot zone with a circular design that improves volume utilization and temperature uniformity. When evaluating used horizontal vacuum furnaces, you should look at the control system. The control system is a key component in any horizontal furnace. Having a modern furnace with an up-to-date control system is essential to avoid expensive repairs and downtime.

A horizontal vacuum furnace is an excellent choice for commercial and captive heat-treating operations. It is a batch-type unit with electric resistance heating elements. Its self-contained design makes it easy to use and requires minimum maintenance. Its features are flexible and efficient. With a VH-HV Flipper, you can achieve the results you need with your heating and drying processes. A vertical vacuum furnace is also a perfect solution for a smaller workspace.

A Horizontal vacuum furnace is a great solution for heat-treating metals and alloys. It has a wide working zone and a heavy-duty, motorized loading truck. The solarVac Polaris furnace is capable of processing in argon atmospheres and high-purity vacuums in the 10- to six-Torr range. It also includes a 35-inch Varian diffusion pump and a Leybold booster pump. Its HMI graphic touchscreen allows for precise temperature control. It has digital power trimming technology.

The VH-VH-F-VVF-VVF-VVF is a double-wall, water-cooled horizontal vacuum furnace with a double-wall design. It features a single hot zone with an optional rotary clamping system. A Horizontal vacuum furnace can also be customized for the customer's needs. The VH-VHF has various configurations. Its name says it can be installed in a different orientation and with a variety of configurations.