Silicon Wafers to Fabricate Based Power Electronics

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Silicon Power Electronics to be Replaced by Silicon Carbide

Presently the world’s energy consumption is provided by electric power.   Researchers are using Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafers for the future of power electronics.  Electric power is responsible for 40% of the earth’s energy needs and is predicted to grow 50% in twenty years. Silicon Carbide can handle higher voltage than silicon. 

Electricity cannot simply be transmitted from AC to the end user.   Several steps are required before reaching the customer.   Currently silicon-based power electronics lose between 5-10% for each step of energy that’s converted for consumers.  Today and in the future Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafers will be used to save up to an estimated  90% of current energy loss!

Silicon Carbide Wafers Are Superior to Silicon Wafers for the following applications

  • Ev autos, chargers and charge stations
  • Back-Up Batteries for Server Farms
  • Power inverters for DC to AC conversion of Solar panels.
  • Electric motors for everything from Autos to HVAC and more
  • Electric locomotion
  • Wind power energy conversion AC to DC
  • Modernize electric grids with solid state power transformers
  • Speed controllers

Scientist Posit that SiC Energy Savings Benefits over Silicon Include:

  • Increase electric vehicle range
  • Rebreaking charging for vehicles
  • Fast break-even time of just a few years after switching from Silicon to Silicon Carbide based power systems.
  • The SiC devices will
  • Much Smaller size, runs cooler and costs less over time.